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Are your stores keeping you awake at night?

Use ERIKS supply chain and inventory knowhow to release time and capital caught up in your indirect or maintenance, repair and operations OnSite supply chain.

Are these issues familiar?

  • Are your engineers spending excessive time sourcing and finding the parts they want?
  • Are you wasting money through poor stock management?
  • Does your purchasing team lose too much time sourcing strange MRO products?
  • Is your finance team concerned about the level of stock being written off annually? 


Maximizing the performance of your engineering stores is not your businesses’ focus. Achieving or maintaining world-class manufacturing performance is your focus; this is where ERIKS’ OnSite integrated supply chain business and yours intersect. 

ERIKS Stores team picking product on a customer site

ERIKS’ OnSite integrated supply chain offer is simple, our specialist team can take responsibility for a range of aspects covering integrated supply, vendor managed inventory, MRO procurement, inventory control and full engineering stores management and, as the name suggests, we do this while being based on your site. We remove the headaches and the headcount. You outsource your supply chain problems while getting more control, data, insight and improved pricing and stores performance.

With ERIKS OnSite integrated supply chain you can save up to 20% of your current MRO spend and positively impact the productivity and efficiency of your supply chain.

What to look for

Supply Chain challenges calmed

7 common potholes that can trip over navigating the modern supply chain for indirect or maintenance, repair and operational parts. Have a look and see what impact they can have. 

Productivity issues

What are the major impacts on productivity in today's fast-paced industrial landscape? ERIKS has identified seven key challenges that could be holding back your production efficiency and competitiveness.

Inventory innovations

Effectively managing inventory is a cornerstone of operational success for any business. ERIKS has spotlighted seven critical issues you can address to optimise inventory levels, reduce costs, and ultimately bolster your bottom line.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your MRO Supply Chain (Sector Report)

The results are in!

We have now completed the 3rd Maintenance, repair and operations supply chain survey and the results are in.

Unlock new Insights from ERIKS & the IET using this research to identify problem areas to transform your MRO supply chain with the actionable insights provided in our report. Download your copy today and join the ranks of industry leaders dedicated to excellence and innovation.

Get your copy of the report by filling in the form today.

MRO Supply Chain Report

Considering outsourcing as an option?

If your engineering team is wasting lots of time sourcing maintenance spares, or facing stock write-offs during annual inventory checks, then why not explore outsourcing to ERIKS? With this solution, you'll always have access to the necessary components in your engineering stores. This approach drastically reduces your administrative burden, ensures availability, and minimizes inventory costs through ERIKS knowledge and experience running hundreds of customers supply chains.


Outsourcing your supply chain and engineering stores can offer the following benefits:


  • Enhanced Inventory Management leading to greater availability
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity
  • Cost Savings through Vendor Consolidation
  • Access to Technical Expertise and innovations
  • Better Cost Control and visibility – for years to come
  • Continuous Improvement over the long term

OnSite Success Case Studies

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Triggered by technical supply chain issues?

Are you frustrated by these common problems?  

  1. Are your engineers spending excessive time sourcing and finding the parts they want?
  2. Are you wasting money through poor stock management? 
  3. Does your purchasing team spend too much time on the MRO products? 
  4. Is your finance team concerned about the level of MRO stock being written off annually?  


We can empathise with you regarding these common problems shared by OEMs and manufacturers.

Engineers are a scarce and valuable resource.

You only need to have followed any industry sector updates for the last 20 years to know that there aren’t enough of them, and we aren’t training enough of them so the ones you do have must be treasured and used wisely. 

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