Specialists in Sealing Applications across a wide range of industries

Our broad range of standard Industrial Seals are available from stock, fully backed up by extensive application and materials knowledge.

  • O-rings to BS1806, BS4518, AS568, ISO3601 in NBR, FKM, EPDM and VMQ materials at various hardnesses
  • Metric and imperial rotary shaft seals in NBR and FKM
  • Hygienic seals to BS4825, ASME and DIN specifications
  • Hydraulic seals and wipers
  • Component mechanical seals
  • Packings

Make-to-order bespoke hydraulics seals are available to support urgent supply

Mechanical Seal

The Right Solution...

Application Engineering Icon


Regionally based Application Engineers work with your maintenance team to solve sealing problems on your plant.

We can help identify opportunities for you to enhance the effective operation of your equipment through specification of the most appropriate seal for your application needs.


Materials Technology Icon


Material Scientists, based at the ERIKS Technology Campus at Warrington Science Park, support our product in use by our customers.

We employ advanced analytical equipment to control, develop and identify polymer materials and their composition.

Equipment includes:

  • FTIR - Fourier Transform Infra-red 
  • TGA - Thermo-graviametric Analysis
  • DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimetry
  • Shore A/D, °IRHD, mIRHD - Hardness
  • Density

Further ISO 17025 laboratories are available within the wider ERIKS group.



Large capital equipment is often used beyond its originally intended life and original spare parts may no longer be available. This is prevalent in Industrial Seals where environmental and REACH legislation has made the use of originally specified sealing materials no longer possible. 

Our suite of analytical equipment is frequently used to identify materials of composition allowing our Application Engineers to recommend equivalent products made from currently available technologies.

...For Life

Onsite Solutions Store and Employee


When deploying our Integrated and Onsite Solutions our Maintenance Specialists onsite are supported by Product Specialists who help identify your most frequently used engineering spares and proactively set up systems to achieve a smooth transition to our operation of your engineering stores.

Mechanical Seal Repair


The ERIKS mechanical seal repair facility can support you in repairing, re-lifing or upgrading your catridge or vessel seals. O-rings can be replaced to be consistent with elastomeric seals supplied to your plant, meeting your legislative compliance. Significant savings are typically available over the costs of a replacement seal.

Employees and Trainer Training Course


Our specialists continually review industry regulations and best practice and are available to support your operations through industry specific product training and consultation with your process experts.

Product Know+How

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ERIKS in Action

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A customer in the Netherlands had a seal failure which affected the pick and place process. Despite the urgency the OEM was quoting a two week lead time. Discover how ERIKS engineered a unique seal to get them back up and running... 


When a drinks manufacturer wanted to produce a new type of product, they were unsure if their current sealing solution could handle the higher acidity. Find out what ERIKS did to give them confidence in their seals...


A pharmaceutical customer found a seal had failed leading to contamination and inevitable lost production batches. ERIKS identified the current seal was not fit for it's purpose, and a new solution needed to be proposed...

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