Specialists in the sealing of process and chemical process equipment

ERIKS manufacture a broad range of  make-to-order, cut gaskets supplied from multiple UK cutting facilities in a wide range of branded materials to meet custom and industry specifications including ASME B16.21, ASME B16.47A, ASME B16.47B, BS EN 1514-1 (DIN) and BS3063 (BS10).

  • Fibre - Non-asbestos sheet jointing available in industrial, BS7531 X&Y and specialist grades.
  • Graphite - Semi-rigid laminated Tanged 316 stainless steel/graphite 
  • PTFE - Virgin and modified PTFE materials available with glass and mica fillers and FDA/USP compliance.
  • Rubber gaskets - EPDM, NBR, FKM and VMQ materials available in various colours with FDA/WRAS compliance.

Spiral wound gaskets, corrugated graphite gaskets and RTJ’s are available from stock.

We support your engineering team with application and installation advice including torque loading and material constants. 

Fibre, Graphite, PTFE and Rubber Gaskets

The Right Solution...

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Regionally based Application Engineers can assist you in gasket material and design selection, provide installation advice and arrange other technical services on your behalf.

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To ensure you get the exact gasket you need ERIKS has regionally located facilities able to cut or manufacture most gasket types to your required dimensions from a wide range of branded materials. 


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Our stock range of standard items includes:

  • Spiral wound gaskets
  • Ring Type Joints (RTJ)
  • Soft-cut gaskets
  • Sheet jointing
  • Rubber sheeting


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When deploying our Integrated and Onsite Solutions our Maintenance Specialists onsite are supported by Product Specialists who help identify your most frequently used engineering spares and proactively set up systems to achieve a smooth transition to our operation of your engineering stores

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Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) makes gas leaks visible by using specialist thermographic cameras, making it possible not only to see the leak but also to identify which gas is leaking.

ERIKS OGI surveys can form part of condition monitoring contract and are undertaken every 3-6 months depending on site requirements.

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We can work with you to prepare for your scheduled shutdown which may include a comprehensive survey of your plant. Where possible we plan to supply all products required before your scheduled shutdown to maximise efficiency.

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Our specialists continually review industry regulations and best practice and are available to support your operations through industry specific product training and consultation with your process experts.

Product Know+How

For product technical information and online purchasing, use the links below to open our webshop in a new window, use the built in selectors and filters to find the product, view associated supporting technical information, data sheets and documentation. Raise an online enquiry or find your local service centre (using the links in the box below) or purchase online (if you have an ERIKS account) via the webshop.


A comprehensive stock of spiral wound gaskets in accordance with ASME B16.20 is available for immediate delivery.

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Ring joint gaskets are used primarily in the up-stream oil and gas industries where high pressures are often encountered.

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Our Camprofile gaskets provide a high quality, low emission sealing alternative. They are designed for a difficult sealing environment where performance is critical or the sealing stress is low.

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As one of the UK's leading gasket manufacturers ERIKS Gasket Technology can offer a tailored fast service for both soft cut and EPDM cut flange gaskets.

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Available from ERIKS Gasket Technology Scotland we can have any special size of Studbolt manufactured to order, all supplied with 3.1b certificates. All material grades used in the petrochemical industry are catered for and are usually available to both ASTM and ASME Standards..

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A ship, which needed to sail immediately, urgently required 2 sheets of non-asbestos mica jointing sheets to help pass an Inspectors' examination and allow them to sail. Find out how ERIKS went the extra mile and help the ship to lift anchor...


One customer found the humid storage of their metalic shims was causing them to rust. However, storing them elsewhere wasn't an option, so ERIKS identified the packaging they were stored in could combat the issue...

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We can supply standard valves from stock or customise items for special projects.


We offer a complete range of pump solutions to meet all of your flow control requirements.

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