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The ERIKS app

Ready for download! ERIKS in your pocket...

Scanning, ordering, product information, and track & trace are always on hand when you have the ERIKS app. Download the app today.

How can an App help with Digital Replenishment?

Digital replenishment from ERIKS is the ideal way to operate point-of-use, open stores for engineering components and industrial consumables.

By using our ERIKS App with key features of the ERIKS Webshop shop.eriks.co.uk, you remain in control of your stores' Digital Replenishment solution without the need for capital investment or systems integration:

  • Maintain purchasing control without manual transactional involvement
    (Streamlining compliant processes while removing admin errors)
  • Better placement of components and consumables - nearest to the point-of-use
    (Eliminating time of stock retrieval)
  • Ensure high levels of availability - minimising stockouts
    (24/7 Stock availability)
  • Receive speedy replenishments to UK locations
    (Instant ordering using the ERIKS App Scan functionality - Barcodes or QR Codes)

Once established, you can simply scan Barcodes or QR Codes to generate replenishment orders that are prepared at, and despatched from our
Fulfilment Centre of Excellence in Oldbury.

What we recommend:

  • Two-bin stock locations (if you need to order these, they're available to purchase from shop.eriks.co.uk)
  • Barcode and QR Code printing (we've made it easy to order the labels available online shop.eriks.co.uk)
  • Set up default Purchase Order reference (configured for faster checkout)
  • Advance spend limits and controls (configured for order control and compliance)
  • Barcode and QR Code scanning using the ERIKS App

You or your team can self-serve to configure your digital replenishment account to your requirements.

The ERIKS App provides access to our core product range available on our ERIKS Webshop, supporting replenishment or ad-hoc ordering.

All eCommerce is supported by the ERIKS eBusiness team. You may choose to operate Digital Replenishment alongside other digital services, also available from ERIKS, to create an optimal, scalable solution - speak to the team today on 08000 854 817 

ERIKS in your pocket - here's how it works...




All functions of the app at a glance: 

  • Scan and order directly
    Quick and error-free reordering!
  • Check the product specifications
    Am I going to order the right item? 
  • View the order status
    When will my order be delivered? 
  • Follow your delivery 
    Is my order on its way? 
  • View order history and easily reorder
    Very handy for repeat assignments!

Here's why downloading the app is going to help you:

Screnshot of the iOS and Android app store showing the ERIKS App logo and details, with texting saying Let's Make Industry Work Better

Download the ERIKS app and from now on you will have product and order information in your pocket!

  • Less chance of mistakes. No more incorrectly writing down or copying item numbers or quantities
  • Faster and easier ordering. Scan, change the quantity, and order directly or forward to a colleague
  • Immediate insight into order status. No need to enquire about updates, it's all in the app
  • Enter log in details only once. You can save details or stay logged in
  • View it immediately. With the app you have all the information in your pocket, you don't have to go back to your desk or call. Smarter working for you!


Download for iOS or Android


Or scan to download.

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Or scan to download.

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Already an ERIKS customer, but no webshop account yet? Create your webshop account here

Not an ERIKS customer and no webshop account yet? Create your webshop account here

The ERIKS app: user-friendly

ERIKS App screenshot with a phone showing products and the text saying ERIKS APP

ERIKS App screenshot with a phone showing products

ERIKS App screenshot with a phone showing O-RING PRODUCTS

ERIKS App screenshot with a phone showing products and the text saying Easily Share Your Cast With Everyone

Our BIG Feature is Scanning - scan and order at your pace

Scanning is one of the functionalities of the new ERIKS app. This makes reordering items even easier. 

1. Download the app [ iOS | Android ] and log in once with your ERIKS webshop account.
2. Create QR codes 
3. Scan the QR codes 
4. Select the correct quantities
5. Order directly 

We have everything you need (labels, bins and shelving) to implement the Digital Replenishment from the Webshop. Connect with the Team: 08000 854 817

Icon of a barcode on a phone screen pointing an arrow to an eCommerce laptop screen, showing how the scanner app helps you order with ease

Faster reordering in 5 steps

Scanning products is one of the functionalities of the new ERIKS app, making reordering items even easier. The user-friendly app is fully integrated with the ERIKS Webshop. We explain how it works in five easy steps:





1a. Download for iOS

Download  the app here or scan QR

1a. Download for Android

Download the app here  or scan QR

1b. Login with webshop account

Simply log in with your own ERIKS Webshop account.

Don't have a webshop account yet? For existing customers this is arranged within 3 minutes. You only need your email address and customer number.

Existing customer - create account

Not yet a customer - create an account

2. Create QR codes

Create QR codes for the ERIKS products in your warehouse. This is easy with the QR code generator in the webshop. You can find the QR code generator at 'my order lists'. Or have the QR codes created by an ERIKS specialist. Print the QR codes and place in your warehouse or canister.

3. Scan the QR codes

Scan the QR codes of the different products you want to order. The products are added to the order list on your phone.

4. Select the correct quantities

You can immediately adjust the desired amount per product on your phone.

5. Complete the order in the ERIKS webshop

The products are then placed in your shopping basket in the ERIKS webshop. The order can be completed immediately. Scan, click, done!  You can also forward your shopping basket to your fellow buyer.

Need advice or have questions about the ERIKS app?

Do you want to start using the ERIKS app and can you use support? Leave your details in the form below and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible. 


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At ERIKS we strive to deliver the best quality service and products. As part of this goal we encourage customers to submit feedback on their experiences so we can resolve any issues and concerns.

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