Manage your inventory easier than ever

ERIKS Scan Service: Quick and easy reordering with the app

Replenishing an inventory can be a time consuming process when everything has to be processed manually. Consumption of small items such as screws and bolts is often not registered, which means that regular checks and manual orders are necessary. Impractical and time consuming. 

ERIKS makes this process easier and faster with the ERIKS Scan Service , or simply ordering with a mobile phone. Simply scan a QR or barcode and your order will be in our webshop in a few clicks. This can be arranged for you very quickly.

Faster reordering in 5 steps

Scanning products is one of the functionalities of the new ERIKS app, making reordering items even easier. The user-friendly app is fully integrated with the ERIKS Webshop. We explain how it works in five easy steps:





1a. Download for iOS

Download  the app here or scan QR

1a. Download for Android

Download the app here  or scan QR

1b. Login with webshop account

Simply log in with your own ERIKS Webshop account.

Don't have a webshop account yet? For existing customers this is arranged within 3 minutes. You only need your email address and customer number.

Existing customer - create account

Not yet a customer - create an account

2. Create QR codes

Create QR codes for the ERIKS products in your warehouse. This is easy with the QR code generator in the webshop. You can find the QR code generator at 'my order lists'. Or have the QR codes created by an ERIKS specialist. Print the QR codes and place in your warehouse or canister.

3. Scan the QR codes

Scan the QR codes of the different products you want to order. The products are added to the order list on your phone.

4. Select the correct quantities

You can immediately adjust the desired amount per product on your phone.

5. Complete the order in the ERIKS webshop

The products are then placed in your shopping basket in the ERIKS webshop. The order can be completed immediately. Scan, click, done!  You can also forward your shopping basket to your fellow buyer.

The Scan Service is part of the ERIKS App...

More benefits of our Scan Service app

  • Free user-friendly ERIKS app
  • Scanning products yourself makes reordering easier
  • Always the right product, QR codes don't lie
  • Send repeat orders with one click to the purchasing department or webshop
  • Optimal overview
  • Print QR codes yourself (or ask ERIKS for support)
  • Never go wrong again thanks to efficient management

Talk to our eBusiness Team

A mobile phone is really all you need to be able to place orders in the ERIKS webshop quickly and easily. Would you like to start with this new service, but would you like to receive customized advice first? Leave your details in the form below and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible. 


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At ERIKS we strive to deliver the best quality service and products. As part of this goal we encourage customers to submit feedback on their experiences so we can resolve any issues and concerns.

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