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The UK food industry is widespread: from breweries and snack manufacturers to dairy producers and bakeries. They have one thing in common: food safety comes first. The sector is bound by strict legislation and regulations. For both machine manufacturers and food producers, traceability of the various product components is essential. Requirement are becoming increasingly stringent. In order to keep up, the industry must continue to innovate. ERIKS offers specialised solutions for your daily processes and challenges.


Ensuring food safety. Saving costs.

Impending downtime or recalls: strict hygiene and legal requirements make the food industry a constant challenge. Maybe you are experiencing problems with EC1935/2004, traceability, or a high risk component? Our goal is to help you work better with our knowledge based solutions. 

Benefit from 80 years of experience in the food industry. ERIKS fully understands your challenges. Whether you build machinery or production facilities, fill beverages, bake cookies, process meat or mill grain. Whether you supply or operate the machinery that produces the food, our extensive know-how combined with certified products make us a trusted partner - let’s optimise your production processes for maximum safety. 

When selecting materials for specific applications, food safety is our starting point. ERIKS identifies the operating conditions and provides a technically and commercially appropriate proposal. This saves you time and costs and eliminates risk. Allowing you to focus on your core business.

Top Tips Whitepaper - curated by Food Industry Specialists

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The benefits of partnering with ERIKS

Our goal is to simplify your business and processes. Our products and services include:

  • Technical support - from planning to implementation 
  • Consultancy and engineering from experienced specialists 
  • Professional services - from prototyping to maintenance 
  • Optimisation of production processes 
  • Maximised safety 
  • Innovative logistical solutions 
  • Support complying with laws and regulations 
  • High quality safety and hygiene products from leading suppliers

ERIKS and our Suppliers' Certifications for the Food Industry

We are the only non-food company in the Netherlands to hold the We are the only non-food company in the Netherlands to hold the ISO 22000 certificate. From this unique position, we are dedicated to helping food manufacturers and machine builders innovate. The legislation in the UK is the same as in the EU.


The most important legislation is EC1935/200: the European law for Food Contact Materials. Traceability is a big part of this, and we have got it all sorted out.

EU 10/2011

We comply with all Plastic Information Measure (PIM) regulations.

Good Manufacturing Practice

GMP proves that ERIKS works in a 'clean' way, ensuring zero product contamination. 

Read more about laws and regulations

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ROCOL Vegan Society Lubrication

This certification applies to the majority of the products in the FOODLUBE® and PUROL food-safe lubrication ranges. 

Read about our Vegan friendly lubricants

ERIKS offers:

Range of certified components and materials 

■ Personal advice from our specialists 

■ Wide range of food-grade products and materials  

■ Extensive facilities for quality control and product cleaning  

Food safety  

■ Rapid prototyping and co-engineering for precision parts  

■ High quality safety and hygiene products from leading suppliers

■ Optimised processes and maximum safety for all your production processes

Approvals and regulations 

■ Helping with compliance of laws and regulations in the food industry 

■ Extensive certification of your products 

■ Our specialists keep track of regulation changes on a global level 





■ Professional support - from planning to implementation of your systems 

■ Standard parts can be ordered directly through our webshop 

■ Rapid, flexible supply of spare parts to avoid downtime 


Cost and time savings

■ Supply chain solutions for efficient procurement and supply processes  

■ Intelligent, automated delivery systems 

■ TCO (total cost of ownership) optimisation

Want to know more about our solutions for the food industry?

Our latest 27-page brochure addresses all your challenges and illustrates the solutions and added value that ERIKS offers.

Read more about food safety and hygiene, regulations and downtime reduction. Download the brochure or view online.

Solutions for the food industry

ERIKS has an extensive range of components especially for the food and packaging industries.



About the food industry

Our goal is to simplify your business and processes. 



Consult our Food Experts

ERIKS has years of experience in the food and beverage industry.

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