History of ERIKS Industrial Services

80 Years of industrial excellence

Founded in 1940, we’ve grown from simple beginnings to become a world-leading Specialised Industrial Services Provider. Our experience, knowledge and global network of distribution, supply chain and engineering facilities allow us to develop advanced customised solutions and techniques that drive performance improvements, deliver cost savings and add measurable technical and commercial value for all our customers.

Our Origins

Our founder Arie Eriks started the company in 1940 supplying gaskets, seals, v-belts and hoses to the dairy sector. For the following three decades, the business grew organically by focusing on gaskets and rubber products. As the twentieth century drew to a close, we embarked on an ambitious and long-term expansion programme.


We expanded across Europe, Asia and the USA, adding electrical power transmission, valves, hoses and couplings, plus industrial plastics to our range of products.

This growth was also driven through strategic acquisitions during which our corporate culture was enriched by the histories and experience of each new partner business.

Since then, we have continued to acquire specialised distribution and manufacturing companies throughout Europe, including major organisations such as Baudoin in Belgium, WYKO in the United Kingdom.  With the acquisition of Lewis-Goetz, Rawson and Industrial Controls, we have also established our position in the US.

Our Business Today


Today, as a leading supplier to industry, we recognise the role we play in the supply chain and in society as a whole. 

Since our inception, we have had a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and, as environmental awareness has grown, to sustainability.  

These values are combined with our core purpose, which remains as true today as it did when Arie Eriks first opened the factory doors in 1940: to provide the ultimate combination of products, technologies and services that help our customers improve the performance, productivity and profitability of their industrial business operations.

How Can We Help Make Your Industry Work better?


Our brand approach along with our impartial repair, replace or systems upgrade solutions ensure that when you work with ERIKS, you will always get what is right for you.



If products are all that’s available from a supplier, then your choices are limited. But when those products are supported for life, with a range of performance and life-enhancing services, you have more choice for more cost-effective solutions, throughout the products’ entire lifecycle.



Our focus like yours, is on what we do best and what we do best is to select the ideal supply solution for you. From giving you access to our webshop for product purchases to full integration of our supply chain with your business and everything inbetween - we do what's right for you.


How to Contact ERIKS

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Looking for a custom Product quote? Need an answer to a Technical question? Looking for Careers/HR support? Want to work with us? Interested in our Digital Trading solutions? Have a finance question? Send us your enquiry and a member of the ERIKS team will be with you quickly.

How are we doing?

We strive to deliver exceptional quality service and products. As part of this goal, we encourage customers to submit feedback on their experiences so we can resolve any issues and concerns.

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At ERIKS we strive to deliver the best quality service and products. As part of this goal we encourage customers to submit feedback on their experiences so we can resolve any issues and concerns.

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