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Whatever your aspirations for your business, there’s one critically important factor: your production assets have to perform as you need them to. That means starting when required and running for as long as required – for as low a cost as possible.

Visibility of Asset Condition Through Time

It’s impossible to take care of your assets unless you know what assets you have and the condition they are in.

It’s also impossible to maintain them in optimum condition unless you inspect and test them regularly.

Our Asset Management know-how relieves you of the burden, by establishing an asset database, then conducting regular monitoring, inspection, testing and certification (if necessary). If this reveals that work is required, we can also repair, replace or upgrade (based on agreed criteria) to ensure performance and safety levels are maintained.


Management Assessment


  • Reduction in costs
  • Reduction of business risk


  • Increase Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Reduction in costs
  • Reduction of business risk
ERIKS Engineers in PPE-safety Compliance


  • Testing inspection and certification
  • Legal compliance
  • Regulatory compliance

Optimising Product Life Cycle

Achieving your productivity and profitability targets is a process unique to you.  But the ERIKS Asset Management team can help you fine-tune your process for success. And it all starts with a single conversation...


Objectives Icon


The first step is for us to gain an understanding of your objectives.

Reviewing risks, identifying performance-critical areas, prioritising savings and improvement opportunities.

Recommendations Icon


Next, we make recommendations.

Highlighting solutions and prioritising them into short- and medium-term categories for implementation. This becomes an agreed action plan.

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We then take the appropriate steps to  implement the plan.

Our multi-disciplined engineers can work with your own team on supply, installation and commissioning.

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Then we monitor, inspect, test and certify (where necessary) your critical assets, so you can be sure they’re in the best of health.

If they start to show signs of distress we’ll know as soon as it happens, so we can give you an early warning and help you plan for returning them to optimum performance.

Maintenance Icon


While your plant is in service, ERIKS’ technical teams can maintain it.

We can supplement your own engineering team in key specialist areas, or when more resources are required, for example, during routine maintenance periods or shut-downs. If action is needed, you can depend on us to be impartial.


Repair and Replace Icon


We'll advise, of course, but it's your decision based on your objectives. 

When you've made your choice, our teams will do whatever's required to implement it, either on-site or in one of our network of regional workshops.

Our products may be at the heart. But it's our service that keeps the heart beating.

Asset Management Components

Our scalable approach to Asset Management allows you to start with key assets adding functionality as its required and at a pace that suits your budget. We can work with you to select the right elements for your production process building a bespoke offer matched to KPI's.


Engineers Loading Equipment for On-Site


  • Asset register/mapping
  • Criticality, vulnerability ranking
  • Spares strategy planning
  • Failure history
  • Infancy failures
  • Plant walkarounds
  • Skills audit
Vibration Analysis


  • Work scheduling
  • Asset tagging and tracking
  • WIP/completed work
  • Root cause analysis
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Asset inspection
  • Pro-Active interventions
  • Testing and certification
ERIKS Managing Equipment


  • KPI setting
  • Energy management
  • Action log
  • Training
  • Cost management
  • Business process
  • Documentation


ERIKS is a knowledgeable partner, not a fire-fighting service. We invest time to make sure we fully understand your issues and goals.

Then we invest resources to support you in managing your production and associated assets more effectively.

This means we look at the root causes of excessive costs, not just the symptoms. We provide insight to identify and analyse potential problems. Then we offer solutions that deliver predictable reliability-centered maintenance or total productive maintenance.

Our philosophy is to identify and eliminate the root causes, and eradicate repeat failure, with long-lasting solutions or upgrades – not sticking on plasters for a short-term fix.

It’s an approach that demands attention to detail, high levels of skill and the very best technical resources. And it’s one that provides increased productivity, improved reliability, maximised profitability and reduced cost of ownership.


ERIKS Asset Management Indicator

ERIKS Asset Management covers:

  • All rotating equipment
  • Industrial hose and bellows
  • Lubrication systems including oil condition
  • Hydraulic hose and systems
  • Motors and generators
  • Gearboxes and drives
  • Inverters and control panels
  • Pumps, pipework and valves
  • High voltage equipment
  • Pressurised systems (steam, liquids and gases)
  • Energy loss from pipework

and many other physical assets.

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Pump Asset Management Extends MTBF to Over 1.5x Industry Target

By impletemting ERIKS Asset Management a major drinks manufacturer was able to achieve an average MTBF of 90 months against an industry standard of 60 months. 


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