When your electric motor fails and production grinds to a halt, the pressure is on to get back up and running as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

But basing your decision solely on the price tag doesn't tell the whole story. 

The purchase price represents a mere 1% of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any electric motor. 

Maintenance adds another 2%

But the remaining 97% is entirely down to the cost of electrical energy.

Don't make a decision purely based on 1% of the relevant information

Let ERIKS help you make an informed choice, that will help you save money and improve performance over the total lifecycle of your electric motor.

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A few simple inputs help you make an informed decision

  • Cost savings
  • Energy savings
  • Carbon emissions
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The TCO calculator bases its results on a range of factors unique to your specific application

  • Reduce the number of vendors
  • Options to suit you, not us
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Clued up purchasers like you are not the only ones looking at operating costs, energy costs and carbon emissions, Governements are as well


Motors typically have a design life of 15-20 years, incorporating all the figures into your purchasing considerations, could highlight significant diffrences between

  • Initial cost
  • Long-term cost


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The latest updates to the ERIKS Total Cost of Ownership Calculator offer even greater functionality than ever before.

It's now hosted in the ERIKS Webshop, so you can make your decision and then make your purchase in just a few clicks if you have a customer webshop account. 

One click will reveal the full specification of the suggested replacement motor, and you can then click to buy, alternativly you are just one click away from arranging a repair if that is your preferred option - it really is that simple!

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Motor Efficiency Legislation is Changing, Are You Prepared?


Rising demand for energy in industry is leading to a parallel rise in CO2 and CO2 equivalent emmission. Governments worldwide are seeking ways to reduce these emissions.

Since electric motors consume 46% of electricity generated worldwide, governments are introducing legislation to make electric motors more energy-efficient, which will reduce their energy consumption and in turn their CO2 and other emissions.

Following the introduction of a voluntary scheme in 1999, the EU agreed a Directive defining a timeline for the introduction of Minimum Energy Performance standards for induction motors. This regulation will be repealed from July 2012 and replaced over the period to July 2023 with new energy-efficiency requirements for a wider range of motors.

Download a copy of our latest whitepapaer that explains what this will mean to you and your plant.



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