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ERIKS offers you and your team access to the Webshop, EDI, Punchout, ePDF, ERIKS App, and QR Code/Barcode Scan Service to provide you with your Digital Replenishment solution. 

ERIKS has various Digital routes for your business to succeed.

Order processes are faster, and more accurate, you have complete insight into the status of your quotations, order lines, and deliveries. 

Furthermore, Digital replenishment enables open stores for engineering components and industrial consumables.

Enabled by key features of and our ERIKS App, this straight-forward methodology, which does not need capital investment or systems integration, allows you and your staff to instantly benefit from inventory transparency and management.

Here's what we can offer:

  • 24/7 insight into all your webshop account 
  • EDI, ePDF and Punchout integration offers
  • ERIKS App providing digital replenishment at your fingertips
  • Scan Service giving you and your team QR code and Barcode scanning capabilities through the ERIKS App


You can use our webshop with more than 900,000+ products. Item specifications, technical information, and available stocks are available to you 24/7 when you have an account. 

Your account can be tailored to different members of your team, this assists with inventory and replenishment, literally at your fingertips with you combined using your webshop account with the ERIKS App.

The webshop is maintained by ERIKS on a daily basis, and our support team are quick to provide support.


ePDF is a new, highly effective solution for fully automating the order entry process at ERIKS. We achieve this by working with a standard layout of your order. In this way, manual work within your company is avoided and we ensure that your orders are processed without errors and immediately upon receipt


Each ordering process is characterized by the exchange of documents from purchase to invoice. This is very labour-intensive and prone to error. ERIKS offers the possibility to carry out this exchange electronically by means of EDI or Electronic Data Interchange. It offers you financial and operational benefits

Punchout Platform integration

ERIKS Punchout integrates with many purchasing platforms, making a seamless process. 

  • Integrated into your system
  • Orders are placed in your system
  • All users have access to the Punchout Webshop account 
  • Available with EDI or ePDF connection


Why use punchout?

  • Reduction of purchase order errors
  • Ease of ordering
  • Instant visibility of price & availability
  • Access to detailed product information
  • Control & Compliance with your teams' ordering

Use the App for Digital Replenishment...

Digital replenishment from ERIKS is the ideal way to operate point-of-use, open stores for engineering components and industrial consumables.

How the ERIKS App supports inventory:

  • Scan and order directly
  • Check the product specifications
  • View the order status
  • Follow your delivery 
  • View order history and easily reorder

Take advantage of the ERIKS App built-in Scan Service

Replenishing an inventory can be a time consuming process when everything has to be processed manually. Consumption of small items such as screws and bolts is often not registered, which means that regular checks and manual orders are necessary. Impractical and time consuming. 

ERIKS makes this process easier and faster with the ERIKS Scan Service, or simply order with your mobile or tablet via the new ERIKS app . Just scan a QR code and your order will be in our webshop with a few clicks. This can be arranged for you very quickly.

Barcode scanning

Products such as O-rings, bolts, nuts and cleaning products must be ordered regularly and always take time to inventory. Using barcode scanning to easily process recurring orders in your grab stock saves time on inventory management. Simply scan the corresponding barcodes and the order list is automatically generated according to your specifications.

ERIKS has an integrated scanner application especially for this purpose. The advantage of an integration is that prices and stock information can be retrieved in real time. After all, this information is collected directly from the underlying ERP systems of the suppliers.

Talk to our eBusiness Team

A mobile phone is really all you need to be able to place orders in the ERIKS webshop quickly and easily. Would you like to start with this new service, but would you like to receive customized advice first? Leave your details in the form below and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible. 


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