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Latest Issue: No. 46 Aggressive Environments with Sustainability Supplement

ERIKS In Action

Industrial Gearboxes: unsung heroes Having rebuilt and refurbished gearboxes since the 1980’s using the most advanced and highest quality components. The new SKF Certified Gearbox Repairer status provides ERIKS independent recognition, so our engineering processes comply with the highest standards. Page 10.

In Focus

How to manage hose management. When it comes to hoses, they can often be overlooked until they fail. Understanding these vital and important components is critical to productivity. We help one steel manufacturer do just that with a hose management solution. Page 16.


Cost of Living Crisis? Nuclear Fuel Investment vs. Wind Power With a focus on a sustainable and manageable future, the debate continues between Fuel and Wind and which one is best for investment. Could nuclear fuel be left in the shadow of those towering wind farms? Page 46.


Building a sustainable future

Just the Sustainability Supplement at your digital fingertips

What is sustainability?

In 1987, the United Nations’ Bruntdland Commission1 defined sustainability as ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.


Although this definition remains valid today, the term sustainability has since become associated with a broad range of interconnected issues, from the extraction and use of natural resources, to economic prosperity, education and access to water and food.

The most critical issue, however, is global warming, as human activities that contribute to climate change alter the planet on which we all depend and thus affect our ability to develop a sustainable way of life.

There can be few people who are unaware of the impact of global warming or of the risks that humankind runs if the rate of warming it not brought under control in the coming decades.

Latest Issue: No. 45 Hygienic Solutions

ERIKS In Action

Who’s there when the chips are down? The worldwide silicon chip shortage is having a knock on effect across industry with inverter deliveries. Discover how ERIKS delivered an alternative solution to avert a crisis. Page 14.

In Focus

Satisfying the appetite for vegan lubricants Food grade lubricants are more or less standard across the industry. Now ROCOL has become the first lubricant manufacturer to be certified by the Vegan Society. Page 20.


2022: A Year for Optimism? The past few years have been anything but optimistic for manufacturers and businesses alike. But does 2022 hold the key for a fresh outlook and a new approach? Page 50.

Back issue: No. 44 Reducing Downtime

Reliability – one of the most important qualities a business seeks from its suppliers, its teams, its plant and its products and services. Reliability is the engine that powers industry forward, inspiring confidence and strengthening relationships. It is the key to optimising profitability and the reason why customers return again and again to a trusted source.


In this issue, we’ll be looking at how reliability touches many aspects of productivity and how different industries are building reliability into their operations. Starting with ourselves! In “ERIKS in Action”, we share details of our multi-million pound investment programme into both our engineering services capability and engineering team to become the most effective motor, gearbox and pump repair or replace service in the UK.

Back Issue: No. 43 Aggressive Environments

When you think ‘aggressive environment', what industries immediately spring to mind?’ Our guess is industries such as steel, mining and quarrying, oil and gas where the surrounding environment is particularly harsh.

For ERIKS In Action, we look at unidentified production problems that can hide no more recurring issues cost money. But the introduction of expert online vibration monitoring is the first step to highlighting and removing unidentified production problems.

Our In Focus takes a look at adopting new energy-saving methods that will soon be industry best practices. And what better way to start than by switching to high-efficiency IE4 motors.

Our Debate is asking, are we ready for the reshoring revolution? Although Covid and Brexit have without doubt accelerated the move towards reshoring, there are other long-standing factors that must be considered.

Back Issue: No. 42 Hygienic Solutions

Today, companies are being pushed more than ever to increase their awareness around hygiene, whether that be personal or industry related. So, drawing upon decades of experience, with demonstratable examples from our specialist engineers and partner suppliers, this Hygienic Solutions edition delivers insight and foresight into managing these expectations.

For ERIKS In Action, we look at how we continue to support our customers with their projects, including how our Specialist Engineering team assisted Torpoint Ferry to get back on track, with a large-scale sheave redesign.

Our In Focus takes a look at the stringent regulations around the use of threadlockers and sealants in water applications, and how LOCTITE®’s range of WRAS-approved products eliminate such worries.

Our Debate editorial takes a step outside the box to discuss Donald Trump’s presidential legacy and what we have learned from his four-year reign in office.

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