The working environment and legislation determine the most appropriate protection to safeguard your people in the workplace.

We can help ensure you meet those needs whilst empowering your teams productivity.


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ERIKS  have a comprehensive range of safety equipment including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), products for the work environment ( for spill control, hand hygiene etc) and signage.

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You can be assured that our range of products conform to all current legislation and adopt best practice to provide a safe working environment.

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Many of our Partner Suppliers will be pleased to carry out Site Surveys to ensure that Health and Safety rules are being met. They will also suggest alternative PPE Personal Protection products that offer 'Cost in Use' benefits, to save money.

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For product technical information and online purchasing, use the links below to open our webshop in a new window, use the built in selectors and filters to find the product, view associated supporting technical information, data sheets and documentation. Raise an online enquiry or find your local service centre (using the links in the box below) or purchase online (if you have an ERIKS account) via the webshop.


Explore the Brady Lockout

Lockout Tagout Try Out (LOTO or LOTOTO) is an increasingly popular safety procedure to reduce accidents during service or maintenance work on machines. Properly implemented Lockout Tagout procedures and tools ensure safe maintenance shutdowns by completely shutting the machines off from their energy sources. Lockout Tagout effectively prevents a machine from moving and being accidentally operated during service work. 

When working in environments with noise levels over 85 decibels, standard hearing protection may have you covered. But throw new social distancing regulations into the mix, and your ability to clearly communicate is in danger - Until Now!

Thanks to 3M’s innovative PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom™ Plus headset, improved safety and productivity can be guaranteed in an instant with safe, clear and uninterrupted communication

British Safety Industry Federation

As members of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSiF), and the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme (RSSS) ERIKS UK & Ireland undertakes to supply only safety equipment and/or related services that fully comply with the standards and regulations and claims made relating to those products and/or related services. Where appropriate, this company will maintain up to date technical files and associated documentation to ensure that regulatory compliance information can be supplied upon request

Knives - Don't Take Risks Assess Them

Knives may be used for cutting pallet wrapping, opening cardboard boxes, unpacking  products or any one of a hundred cutting needs in factories and warehouses. But whatever it’s used for, and whoever is using it, a knife is never just a knife. It’s a potentially dangerous tool.

Even the slightest knife injury accident has a cost. A major injury has a major cost. Yet because most of these hidden costs don’t come with an invoice, they’re often overlooked. The Health & Safety Manager of a major UK business, estimates that every injury incident – however small – costs the business £500. That’s the hidden cost of investigating and reporting the incident, taking corrective action, reporting to the Board, and Management time involved.

A MARTOR Knife Risk Assessment is as useful a tool as a knife itself – not only considering risks to employees, but also risks to your profitability, including:

  • Where and how knives are used in your processes
  • Alternative methods / change of process to reduce risk, optimise productivity reduce costs
  • The safest, most efficient knife options for each task

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A large packaging manufacturer had a number of workers standing at machines on concrete for long periods of time. After one employee requested anti-fatigue matting they requested matts for all, which let to surprising benefits...


One customer found their engineers were changing their gloves up to six times in a day because their gloves were not fit for purpose. ERIKS recommended a new type of glove to improve health and safety...


Discover how a large food and beverage customer helped prevent hearing loss and helped ensure social distancing safety onsite with the new 3M Peltor WS Liteccom Plus headsets...

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