OnSite Solutions step-by-step

The OnSite solution helps businesses improve their Maintenance, Repair and Operational (MRO) supply chain management. It involves the presence of ERIKS' experts right at your facility to manage and maintain an on-site inventory of essential components, spare parts, and tools. This approach enables quick access to critical items, reduces downtime, and helps control costs by ensuring you have the right products at the right time.


What ERIKS OnSite service delivers:


Customised Inventory Management

ERIKS' OnSite Supply Chain and Stores Management Service allows you to outsource your indirect or engineering stores' management headaches to us. Our team of specialists partner with you to understand your unique requirements, usage patterns, and demand forecasting. Based on this analysis, we create a tailor-made inventory management plan to optimise stock levels and minimise excess inventory, leading to cost savings.


Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Having an ERIKS managed store on your site means your maintenance teams can access critical supplies quickly, reducing time to find and hance downtime in case of breakdowns or emergencies. This swift access to necessary parts and tools ensures your operations run smoothly, leading to increased overall efficiency and productivity.



Vendor Consolidation

With ERIKS' OnSite Supply Chain and Stores Management Service, you can consolidate your MRO or engineering supply chain by consolidating up to 80% of your spend with a single, trusted supplier across a wide range of products. This simplifies the procurement process, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances purchasing power, enabling better negotiation of prices and terms.



Technical Expertise

As a leading industrial service provider, ERIKS brings years of experience and technical expertise to your facility. Our knowledgeable staff can assist your teams with product selection, technical queries, and even suggest alternative solutions for specific applications or obsolescence issues. This support ensures that you get the most suitable products for your needs, enhancing equipment performance and longevity.



Cost Control

By having ERIKS manage your on-site stores, you gain better control over MRO expenditures. We implement inventory control measures, monitor usage patterns, and can provide detailed reports, allowing you to embrace cost-saving opportunities and make better, faster data-driven decisions.



Continuous Improvement

At ERIKS, we believe in continuous improvement. Our dedicated team will regularly review the performance of the OnSite Stores Management Service, seeking opportunities for further optimization and enhancement. We work closely with your organization to adapt to changing needs and industry advancements.

For more detailed information on how to get started on your on-site journey drop your details on the form below as we’ll be in touch to explore options.

Interested? Its quick and simple to implement.

The 6-simple steps to getting started:


1. Needs Assessment:

Our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your facility, taking into account your specific requirements, current inventory practices, and challenges.


2. Tailored Solution:

Based on the assessment, we will create a custom solution that includes a product mix, stocking levels, and replenishment strategies. We’ll also help you build a business case to help you communicate your plan internally. 


3. OnSite Setup:

Once the plan is approved, we will establish an ERIKS store within your facility and support your teams embrace best practice, complete with all necessary inventory and tracking systems.


4. Monitoring and Replenishment:

ERIKS' team will continuously monitor inventory levels and usage patterns, ensuring timely replenishment, updated profiles and avoiding stockouts


5. Reporting and Analysis:

Regular performance reports and data analysis will be provided, giving you insights into expenditure patterns and areas for improvement.



6. Continuous Support:

 Our experts will remain on-site working with your dedicated team providing technical support, conducting training sessions, and ensuring smooth transition and ongoing operations.

Expert OnSite Support

We only need a few details and we will be in touch to help you discover the savings available.

We will arrange contact with an ERIKS OnSite Expert after assessing your possible OnSite requirements while examining personalised strategies to optimise supply chain management. 

Having an ERIKS OnSite solution, your business will gain access to critical supplies, minimising downtime during breakdowns or emergencies.

Consolidating the supply chain with ERIKS as a single, trusted partner simplifies procurement, enhances purchasing power, and facilitates cost control.

ERIKS' technical expertise further enhances operational efficiency. With knowledgeable staff guiding product selection and offering alternative solutions, equipment performance and longevity improve.



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