Maximise Productivity Through Effective Integrated Solutions

ERIKS’ end-to-end procurement, inventory and storeroom service is unique, providing complete and seamless integration between software, hardware, systems and processes.

Additional know-how makes the difference, maximising your productivity by using ERIKS technical knowledge to deliver the most effective technical and engineering supply solutions

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3 - 15% SAVINGS...

...Using the latest methods, processes and technologies in your storeroom


...Of e-commerce and existing systems

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...On carriage costs


More than the Sum of the Parts

ERIKS Stock and Storeroom Management


  • Reduced inventory
  • Improved stock availability
  • Reduced risk of production down time
  • Control of purchasing costs
  • Engineers focus on engineering
  • Right product, place and purpose
  • Process improvements
  • Sustained improvement
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  • Product performance
  • Technical support and cost savings
  • Productivity gains
  • Minimised maintenance
  • OEM part conversion
  • Parts standardisation
  • Root cause eradication
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  • Reduced lead times
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Spend control and accountability
  • Product pricing
  • Efficiency of operation
  • Consolidated invoicing

How to Become a Site Better

Process Re-Engineering Whitepaper

An Integrated Solutions package yields the biggest savings and efficiencies

This paper discusses process management both in terms of theory and practice. Professor Andi Smart explains why the clear boundaries of tradition must be replaced by more fluid structures that reflect changing customer needs. 

The second viewpoint on the topic comes from Gary Price of ERIKS, who explains how those changing customer needs can be served by looking at things differently.


Or take a look at our video on the topic from our Innovation Excellence Conference presented by Gary Price:

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At ERIKS we strive to deliver the best quality service and products. As part of this goal we encourage customers to submit feedback on their experiences so we can resolve any issues and concerns.

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