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Increase Performance by 57%

Since more than 60% of bearings fail prematurely, you need a fast replacement every time.

Our expertise – and our in-house technical specialists – means we won’t just identify the failure. We isolate the cause, propose the solution and, if necessary we can also design and install special solutions.


We supply as wide a range of rotary bearing types as you can imagine.  From plain bearings to rolling element bearings they are all in our stocked ranges backed up with our impartial technical support.


We have a deep knowledge and understanding of linear bearings and their application born out of many years experience with all types and sizes of linear motion products. 


Our dedicated Lubrication Engineers, substantial stocks of the leading industrial lubricant brands and national network of Service Centres, provide you with the knowledge you need to choose the right lubricant, the right lubrication regime and the right dispensing method.


All Backed by our Partner Suppliers

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More Than The Sum of the Parts

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Our team of highly experienced Application Engineers can help identify production issues and increase performance and reliability throughout the complete bearings lifecycle to help you achieve the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

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Our Design Engineers have the experience and knowledge to identify the root cause of any issues you may have.  We can assist in the redesign of mating components and advise optimum bearing arrangements and specification delivering improved performance and significant savings.

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Our highly experienced specialists can remove and fit bearings to ensure they reach their full design life. Or, if you prefer, we can supply the tools and the training to make you self-sufficient. In addition our Condition Monitoring teams - or a condition monitoring solution - can help you identify a stressed bearing well before failure.

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We have a proven track record in helping customers save money through improved working practices and product knowledge. Our advanced programme of practical and modular courses can be held either at your own site, or at a local ERIKS Service Centre.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Breaking news! ERIKS & SKF Partnership

ERIKS have teamed up with SKF to be their first SKF Maintenance partner in the UK.

Announcing the launch of its SKF Maintenance Partner programme in EMEA, it is confirmed ERIKS will be the only current SKF Maintenance Partner in the UK and Ireland. 

  • ERIKS have been appointed by SKF due to its investment in the SKF brand and its strategic alignment in adding long term value to customers through engineering capability, innovation and knowledge. 
  • To support this partnership ERIKS is extending the range of SKF products it stocks and will exclusively use SKF products in its UK repair facilities.
  • SKF Maintenance Partner status is recognised as the highest tier within SKF’s distribution structure & ERIKS are currently the only distributor that ticks all the boxes.

Food Safety with SKF Bearings

Improve food safety at every step of production

From enhancing food safety standards to ensuring compliance with industry regulations and saving costs, SKF is now unveiling a fresh spherical roller bearing design that promises a feast of benefits for the food and beverage industry. 

SKF is the first to introduce a range of spherical roller bearings specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. Our new bearings come with food grade seals and food grade grease to enhance food safety.

You can also count on these bearings for an average of three times longer service life compared to open bearings, resulting in more efficient production and less maintenance.

Housed Bearings

Stocked range extension notice

Available from our extended stocks for next-day delivery, you can depend on ERIKS to bring you more products, even faster than before.

Our investment in ERIKS new fulfilment centre at Oldbury has allowed us to extend the range of housed bearing product we hold in stock and can now supply for an early delivery next day.

Milking the benefits with value-added Bearings from ERIKS & NSK

Full Blog post here

Enduring repeated bearing failures on your critical assets will have a significant impact on your productivity as well as increasing the stress on your maintenance teams to get production up and running quickly. 

Triple your bearing life and double your protection with NSK

In an operating environment full of potential bearing contaminants, single-seal bearings don't last long. 

Standard bearings use just one sealing lip on either side of the bearing, fixed in the outer ring. NSK's Self-Lube® bearings with triple-lip seals have three sealing lips on each side - making it three times harder for any contamination to enter the bearing and cause wear.

And that's not all... NSK Self-Lube® bearings have protection built in.

The Self-Lube® Protector has two 'claws' which locate through the casting loading slots into the groove in in insert's outer ring, locking the protector in place. By covering the shaft end, the Self-Lube® Protector removes the health and safety risk posed by a rotating shaft.


Peace of Mind Built-In

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We have over £5 million of bearing stock available the same day with a further £150 million of stock available next day via integrated logistic links with all the key manufacturers - delivering the most reliable supply service brought directly to you by our nationwide Service Centre network. 

When reliability is critical, you can benefit from our dedicated supply, maintenance, and repair contracts with a single vendor to asset manage your spares, maintenance and service your repairs to allow you to focus on other key areas of production. 


Bearings SKF Authorised Distributor


The short answer, total peace of mind with full manufacturer back up, warranty and guaranteed genuine products.  Only by dealing with an Authorised Distributor do you get the following advantages:


  • Full traceability
  • Avoid fake bearings
  • Availability
  • Full technical support
  • Access to the latest technologies

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Improve Hygiene While Reducing Costs

One of the biggest ironies of operating in a clean environment is that repeated washdowns are one of the main causes of problematic hygiene and machinery complications. But there is now a solution!


A brick manufacturer experienced a catastrophic bearing failure which destroyed their bearing housings leaving them at imminent risk of shutdown. To make matters worse the housings were now obsolete. Find out how ERIKS avoided shutdown...


Automatic lubricators at a cement manufacturer were incorrectly discharging either too much or too little leading to bearing and motor failure. Discover how Simalube automatic lubricators extended bearing life...


Everytime an oven fan bearing failed at a large steel manufacturer the repair was incredibly troublesome requiring  two men and three days to switch out the bearing. Learn how ERIKS reduced this time to two hours...

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