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Adding Value to Valves: Reliability, Efficiency and Reducing TCO

What can you add to a valve to increase its reliability and efficiency, optimise its service life, and lower its Total Cost of Ownership? 3,000m2 should do it. That’s the size of the new purpose-built ERIKS Flow Control facility for valve repair, test and certification, supported by £1.5m of stock. There are other valve service and repair facilities, but none backed by such a huge stockholding. There are valve certification centres, but none with state-of-the art repair workshops. And there are valve suppliers with limited stocks – but none with such a vast choice, plus in-house fabrication expertise and system-build capability. 


So whatever you need for your valves – from periodic maintenance to re-certification, and from refurbishment to a complete new flow control solution – now you can find it all in one place, together with unparalleled ERIKS engineering know-how. 

The new ERIKS facility in Whetstone, near Leicester, has all the latest equipment and all the expertise for a comprehensive valve offering, including:


Nitrogen and water testing capability, at pressures up to 700 bar. Tests take place in a fully armoured enclosure, and are remotely monitored by CCTV. 


Chemical and shot blast cleaning.

Repairing and refurbishing

Sometimes the decision whether to repair or replace a valve is not straightforward, so ERIKS make it as easy as possible. 

Every valve is given an initial inspection and test before disassembly, then digital images are taken of the stripped-down valve. These are supplied to the customer together with a report detailing the work required and the cost, and the cost for the alternative of valve replacement from stock. In the unusual event that a valve has to be ordered-in, the customer is told the cost and lead time. With all necessary data to hand, it’s easier to make an informed decision on which route to take. 

If the decision is made to repair and refurbish, the valve will be cleaned, restored to as close to as-new condition as possible, and – for pressure or safety valves – tested and certified.  

Alternatively, if the valve is too damaged to repair and too costly to replace like-for-like, ERIKS Flow Control engineers can make a site visit to survey the existing valve set-up, and propose a cost-effective upgrade.

Hygienic area

Valves from food and beverage and pharmaceutical sector customers will be repaired in a dedicated, hygienic, controlled environment.

Asset management

Every valve coming into the Flow Control facility will be placed on a dedicated asset management database. To ensure valves remain compliant and meet all applicable health and safety standards, automatic notification will be provided when re-testing and re-certification are required.

Building bespoke solutions

With the in-depth and comprehensive in-house expertise and equipment available at the ERIKS Flow Control facility, complete bespoke skids – comprising motor, pump, gearbox, valves and actuators – can be designed with CAD, manufactured and assembled, tested and certified (if required), then installed and commissioned at the customer’s site. 

Specialist dosing and mixing applications, incorporating PLC control, instrumentation, load cells and gauges can also be produced. 

Learn from the experts

As part of ERIKS’ commitment to engineering Best Practice, a training facility is being established at the Flow Control site, offering valves and pumps customers a combination of classroom and hands-on learning.

Demonstration models will be provided for disassembly, rebuilding and testing under expert guidance from experienced ERIKS Flow Control engineers.

With education, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment all under one roof, ERIKS Valve Repair and Testing facility is the one-stop shop for all your valve needs. Whether your valves need repair, refurbishment, replacement or redesign, ERIKS will be able to provide a solution for the optimum whole-life outcome every time. 

Interested in our valves services? Fill in an online enquiry form or give us a call on 0121 508 6000. 

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