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Digitising the industrial supply chain

by Richard Ludlam

Industry 4.0 (I4.0) was first introduced as long ago as 2011 by a group of industrialists, business-people, politicians and academics with the goal of helping the German manufacturing sector become more competitive.  The official launch of the concept was at Hannover Messe that same year. 

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How to choose your next pump?

by Nick Lees

Choosing the perfect pump for your application is not as simple as comparing price tags. Not if you want the best performance, greatest efficiency, and best value for money. As the supplier of Tsurumi submersible pumps to ERIKS, Tsurumi UK understand the difference between price and cost, and can help you to find your perfect next pump.

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A true Gearbox story (to be taken with a pinch of salt)

by Alex Mills

Salt in the air. Salt crunching underfoot. Salt coating every surface. It’s probably what you would expect at a major salt processing plant. And if you’re there to investigate a repeated drive failure, it would be easy to assume the aggressive environment was the obvious cause of the problem. But it doesn’t pay to jump to conclusions, especially with a suspended gearbox and motor at great height...

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How to protect your assets from abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack?

by Jon Whitehouse

Wear, abrasion, erosion, chemical attack, and corrosion are some of the most common causes of failure in process equipment, magnified even further in harsher industrial environments. One of the top performers in the protective compound range is LOCTITE® PC 7255...

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Wiping the steam clean? How Gaskets can seal the deal

by Mick Holland

Have you ever been driving along, and your car windows begin to steam up? Well the first thing you would do is switch on your air condition system and the problem is resolved. Leave it and your vision is seriously impaired and danger is imminent. It’s the same principle in a manufacturing environment, the more steam, the more your vision will be challenged.

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How much of a risk taker are you?

by Karl May

Working in a hazardous or aggressive environment, risk is always on your mind. But by doing the right thing for safety, are you raising your financial risk to danger level? Fortunately, making the right component choices for your safety circuits can ensure you protect production and profitability as well as personnel. Enter the Festo VOFC solenoid valve, the only valve with an open-ended certification and an incredibly low – and unique – failure rate... 

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The water industry needs a lubrication partner it can trust

by James Goodgame

There’s something extraordinary about Lubrication in the Water Industry, where we’re not just focused on reducing its operational costs and its carbon footprint. Less common, in the face of ever-increasing demand, is the requirement to lower the cost to the customer. And almost unique is the need to keep 64 million consumers supplied, day in, day out, with a 100% safe product. That’s why the water industry needs a partner able to meet all its lubrication flow: ensuring the taps keep running, the toilets keep flushing, and the industry keeps its head above water.

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Unidentified production problems can't hide from ERIKS Digital Reliability Services

by Peter Mitchell

There are many factors that can determine the efficient running of your production line. But when inefficiencies arise, it’s not always straight forward to identify the root cause. Unless you're able to monitor online... Welcome to ERIKS Digital Reliability Services.

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Power is Knowledge: Virtually improving your skillset

by Richard Ludlam

Every year we grow even more complacent with our skillsets and expertise, in fact, the average skilled person with 20 years’ experience is several years behind in skill despite years of training and qualifications achieved.

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Industrial supply chain: the need for speed

by Richard Ludlam

We’re living in a 24/7, always-on world.  A world where we expect and want everything now.  Many of us have become conditioned by the Amazon model, especially if we subscribe to Amazon Prime where we can manage and track our transaction online and next – or even same – day delivery is the norm.

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