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The £200,000 oil change that improved savings, efficiency and emissions

by Gareth Pollard

Oil and water don’t mix. But for a utilities company in the South of England, putting the right oil together with a water treatment plant has resulted in a successful mix of cost savings, improved efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

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As engineering technology evolves, efficiency follows its footsteps

by Alex Mills

Engineering technology is continually evolving. As it does, new, simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective solutions begin to appear – even for problems which have been around for decades. But sometimes it takes an experienced eye to spot them.

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Store away your efficiency and time savings with a Tool Control system

by Jon Whitehouse

Achieving efficiency and time savings is a very basic principle for most companies. But not all savings are particularly obvious. You might say it’s all in the finer details. And an area that you may not have considered previously is tool control.

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ERIKS increase speed and efficiency with new Kiss-Cut Machine

by Mick Holland

Servicing a wider range of industries is part of the ERIKS philosophy, and recent investment in a second bespoke Kiss-Cut machine has enabled ERIKS to further widen our offering to our customers.

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When the chips are down, know-how matters

by Alex Mills

How frequently does an asset have to fail before it’s not just a nuisance, but a serious issue? For one potato processor, even motors which needed a repair every three months weren’t identified as a concern. But like potatoes, ERIKS engineers have eyes everywhere and soon spotted the problem.

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Achieving your AMIS aims

by Richard Ludlam

For over 30 years, the MCP Consulting Group has been taking businesses on the Asset Maintenance Improvement System (AMIS) journey. Helping clients to move their maintenance organisation from “Chaos”, through “Control” to “World-Class”, it’s a journey recently undertaken by a large distillery, with the help and support of ERIKS Integrated Solutions.

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Back to work – and back in business with the right maintenance products

by James Goodgame

As industry gets back to work, Covid-19 protective measures aren’t making life any easier for manufacturers and producers. But with the right choice of maintenance products, the ‘new normal’ can be much more like the old one.

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Fit properly. Breathe correctly. Protect effectively

by Paul Skade

The current global pandemic has increased the importance of face masks in all walks of life. It literally is a matter of life or death. But the regular use of respiratory protection equipment (RPE) has been visible for years in hazardous industrial environments, helping to protect both your short and long-term health and well-being.

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Why now is not the time for cuts

by Paul Skade

Even in difficult times for industry, there are some cuts you should always avoid. The kind of cuts that can reduce efficiency. That can cost you more than £500 each. And that can put your employees at risk of serious injury, and you at risk of prosecution. The kind of cuts that Martor Knives are specifically designed to protect against.

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Can you hear me? I SAID, CAN YOU HEAR ME?

by Paul Skade

Social distancing is today an essential part of creating a safe working environment and is the World Health Organisation and UK Government’s first choice for preventing the spread of Covid-19. But, keeping an acceptable distance while ensuring clear communication in a manufacturing environment is harder than you might think, given that most industrial environments produce excessive noise.

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