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Extra pair of hands required for problematic pump blockage

by Nick Lees

You’ve probably heard the well-known saying, ‘the customer is always right.’ But in some instances, that’s not strictly true. It’s an extra level of knowledge and insight that really makes the difference, particularly when addressing an issue that has been persistent for some time.

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Thinking outside the box with a bespoke bearing solution

by Gareth Pollard

Consistency during the manufacturing process is important to ensuring the overall quality of products is maintained to the highest standards. Failure to do so could impact not only the integrity of the product and its intended application, but that of the company in question.

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When is it time to go beyond standard?

by Alex Mills

It’s safe to say that no two working environments are the same. And it’s the varying demands of industry that dictate how our applications need to perform. On many occasions, standard products are more than suitable, but there are certain instances where standard isn’t quite enough if you’re aiming to deliver maximum efficiency.

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Make washdowns less of a drain on your finances

by James Goodgame

Frequent wash-downs are a common feature in many aggressive industrial environments. A necessary evil, if you like. Necessary because they remove whatever contamination is present. Evil because they also strip away lubrication from bearings. So how do you make them less of a drain on your finances?

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Turn Your ‘Nose Seal’ up at Cylinder Failure in Aggressive Environments

by Mark Carpenter

If you operate a pneumatic actuator in an aggressive environment, you may think cylinder failure is part of the deal. A new nose seal solution from IMI Norgren proves it doesn’t have to be.

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Reducing risk, increasing yield, delivering innovation

by Mick Holland

Fitting unsuitable materials to any application will have negative effects, right? And when it comes to your sealing applications, it’s no different. Different sealing technologies serve different purposes, so ensuring that the right material is fitted against the correct media is essential to avoiding failure.

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Save money even with heavy loads

by Mark Carpenter

Do you regularly transfer heavy loads on your conveying lines, and do these excessive loads need to remain aligned? If so, the MACM Series from SMC is just what you need.

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Optimise your pump technology by switching to a timing belt

by Alex Mills

Improving the efficiency of your plant is the driving force for all managers and engineers across industry. Better efficiency will increase output and improve the reliability of your production. But there are many factors that need to be considered in order to truly optimise your production – performance, maintenance, installation requirements, health and safety.

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Is there a face masks cover-up?

by Richard Ludlam

PPE facemasks may be more readily available, but may not do the job you need them for. Can you tell the safe from the substandard, the fake and the dangerous?

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Increase efficiency and reduce your TCO with the correct coupling

by Alex Mills

Can you guess which drive train component is “the most critical non-critical component”? It is… the coupling. And by applying an innovative Rexnord solution to couplings for centrifugal pumps – specifically in the oil refining and petrochemical industries – you can increase production efficiency and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

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