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Industry Sector:
Food & Beverage

Hose for reels

Actual Saving:

Payback period:
12 months


  • Factory survey
  • System upgrade
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Hose supply and installation


Customer Benefits:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Compliance solution
  • Health and Safety solution
  • Reduced cost - No callouts



A large food factory enlisted the help of a mobile hose replacement company for some of their applications, however there were subsequently some issues. They had installed three hydraulic hose assemblies into a food wash-down area.

Unfortunately the hose and the mild steel fittings were not FDA approved meaning they were no longer abiding by their strict compliance policies.

A further issue with the use of the hoses is that it would cure and become brittle causing splitting and burns to hands.The result was production cleaning being interrupted every two/three weeks and significant risk to health and safety which needed to be addressed as soon as possible.


With these problems at the forefront of the customers mind, they contacted ERIKS to investigate hose alternatives to improve production schedules and most importantly alleviate the health and safety issues.

ERIKS recommended the installation of different type of hose on the main oven lines. The new hose is both FDA approved and flexible at higher temperatures offering sorely needed reliability for the application.


By simply implementing a more suited hose to the application they now have an easy solution to a long standing problem.

By partnering with ERIKS and utilising the team’s expertise, advantages were gained beyond the initial problem as following on from the hose installation ERIKS completed a full factory survey and suggested several additional savings which could be made on-site.

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