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Quick Wins for Mining and Quarrying

From automatic lubricators to sun protection we have a number of little solutions which deliver large benefits including reduced downtime, increased production, improved health and safety amongst a number of other efficiencies. 

Take a look at the problems below, if any of them sound familiar you're one click away from the solution! 

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Bearing Barrier Solution for Heavily Contaminated and Aggressive Environments

When your bearings are in a remote aggressive environment a failure could be costly, and for one quarry it led to a six day shut down. For this type of environment SKF have the perfect cost-effective solution to ensure bearing reliability. 

When Open Bearings Leaves You Open to Failure

An open-cast mining operator was experiencing excessive bearing failures on its conveyor system due to contamination. The company was using open cylindrical roller bearings allowing in grit. The issue was solved by simply switching their bearing...

Streamline Maintenance and Improve Reliability

When your team is frustrated with how long maintenance takes with little return on machine reliability it might be time to maximise their potential. SKF's training needs analysis can help identify the gaps. 


Protecting the Skin of Outdoor Workers

We all know the risks associated with spending time in the sun, often we associate this with holidays and leisure. However, outdoor workers should not be forgotten. Without proper protection they could face the serious long-term health impacts we try to avoid on the beach.

Dust and Dirt Ingress Causing Bearing Unit Failures

Housed bearing units on stone conveyors can fail as a result of dust and dirt build up. Couple this with impacts to the seals and failure becomes a common theme. What if a bearing insert could solve this? Look no further than NTN SNR.

Avoid Bearing Damage with Fit-for-Purpose Fitting Kit

Small bore bearings need to be installed using fit-for-purpose tools, otherwise hard to spot damage and stress could occur leading to premature failures. Simatec offers the perfect kit.


Dust Interference with Lubrication System Leading to Incorrect Discharge

Dust is an occupational hazard in the mining and quarrying sector and it gets everywhere. Although there are steps to manage it, you can't eliminate it. And when it starts causing issues with your automatic lubricators it's time to look for a new solution.

Shaft Mounted Gearbox Underrated for Application

Stonewasher drives need power. When you discover the current shaft mounted gearbox is underrated it's important to select a new gearbox. But if you require a larger gearbox surely the machine itself needs modification? With Fenner this doesn't have to be the case.

Improve Bearing Fitting and Maintain Quality

It is no surprise premature bearing failures lead to increased downtime and replacement costs. What is surprising is that the solution could be down to the original fit! Simatec has a handy tool to reduce bearing fitting issues.


Dust, Seemingly Unavoidable and Ever Present, Presents a Health and Safety Risk

RCS (Respirable Crystalline Silica) dust can lead to respiratory diseases such as Silicosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Lung Cancer. It's a key concern for the HSE and by extension many businesses. Bosch can enable clean work and ensure regulatory compliance.

Ineffective Tools When Drilling Boron Spot Welding on Cages

When drilling Boron spot welding on cages, the resistance to conventional cutting tools means many drills and cutters are ineffective. Thankfully, Presto have a technically advanced, cost effective drill.

Conveyor Belt Wear - You Don't Have to Remove it from Service Before its Time

If you use a conveyor belt you will experience wear over time and might face the renewal of the whole system. At best, the conveyor will have to be removed from service long before its time. Thankfully Loctite have a nifty solution which can restore belts in just two hours...


Water Ingress Causes Major Problems to Electrical Equipment

Water is used in a variety of environments, it could be part of the manufacturing process itself right through to the cleaning procedures. Trouble is, water and electrical equipment should never meet but navigating this can seem impossible. If you need a drive to be fitted close then WEG has the answer for you...

Keeping Mills Operating and Revenue Rolling

A large cement mill operator was experiencing problems in their rotary kiln and cooling system - the flexible coupling connecting the motor to the pump was causing distress. Rexnord's Falk Wrapflex Elastometic Coupling is an innovative 'replace-in-place' coupling to resolve this issue.

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