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3M prioritise vision protection - introducing the world’s first curved auto-darkening filter

by Paul Skade

Understanding the value of precision, visibility, and comfort is one thing. Delivering all three in one convenient package is another. But now, thanks to 3M’s unrivalled innovation, you can concentrate on the precision of your welding, rather than the standard of your equipment.

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ERIKS and Festo give the ice cream the icing

by Karl May

The makers of a well-known chocolate ice cream on a stick wanted to maintain their high-volume production levels, but at the same time reduce their compressed air consumption. However, part of the problem was not knowing just what that consumption was.

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Festo help to make air that's good enough to eat!

by Karl May

Compressed air is an essential part of the diet of any production facility – and the food manufacturing sector is no exception. In fact this sector uses compressed air in three different ways, making it more important than ever to ensure the air is produced efficiently, and used effectively.

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Simalube help give this distiller a reason to celebrate!

by James Goodgame

If you enjoy a whisky now and again, you probably also enjoy a top-up. But when you’re responsible for lubricating your mechanical assets, topping-up is just one more time-consuming, costly, and sometimes potentially dangerous task. So let’s raise a glass to one of Scotland’s leading distilleries, who – with ERIKS’ help – found a way to simplify their lubrication regime.

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ROCOL help to satisfy the appetite for vegan lubricants

by James Goodgame

There may have been a time in the distant past when lubricants were just lubricants. Even in the food and beverage industry. But food grade lubricants are now more or less standard across the sector, and even more specific lubricant categorisation – such as Kosher and Halal – is becoming more common. Now ROCOL has become the first lubricant manufacturer to have its lubricants range certified by the Vegan Society.

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Who's there when the chips are down? Fenner!

by Gareth Lenton

While they wait for their next delivery, what song are OEMs nationwide singing? ‘I hope it’s chips, it’s chips; I hope it’s chips, it’s chips.’ The worldwide silicon chip shortage is having a knock-on effect across industry, with inverter deliveries, for example, taking up to 20 weeks. For one manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, that kind of delay would have completely derailed a major project. So naturally they contacted ERIKS Electronics, to see if ERIKS know-how could deliver an alternative solution in time to avert a crisis.

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Now hose expertise goes deeper than ever with ERIKS specialism

by Chris Dixon

A submarine costs over £1 billion to build. So the Royal Navy doesn’t just hand over the keys to the crew and tell them to head out to – and under – the sea. Instead they train them to the peak of expertise on a submarine simulator. And when that simulator needs to be maintained, they don’t just hand over the keys for that either.

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ERIKS - Always thinking outside the gearbox

by Mahesh Patel

When there’s an issue of repeated gearbox failure, the obvious route to resolving it is via the gearbox. But the obvious answer is not always the right answer. Or the simplest. Or the most cost-effective. That’s why – as ERIKS engineers recently proved yet again – there’s a big difference between knowledge alone, and know-how.

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When a hammer's not enough - there is another solution

by Trevor Hilton

To the person with only a hammer, everything is a nail. But to the person with every option open, the solution is whatever’s best for the job. That’s why ERIKS’ repair/replace neutrality means customers are never pressured to make a choice. With all the options and costs presented to them, it’s their decision. And when one option offers significant savings, as it did for a UK power station operator, that decision isn’t difficult.

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Troubleshooting and maintenance of your pneumatics, FESTO ask - How competent are you?

by Andy Cruse

Pneumatic systems can often be complicated beasts if you’re unfamiliar with these types of set-ups. It might sound old fashioned, but the best way to familiarise yourself with something new is to dive in and learn first-hand. Luckily for you, Festo have done the hard work and designed a training module to push you along on your pneumatics learning journey.

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