Maintain maximum productivity at minimum total cost on your hydraulic systems.

The health of your hydraulic systems is critical to the smooth running of your plant. At ERIKS we have the blend of know-how, skills and services to help you ensure your hydraulic systems and equipment are always running at optimum efficiency, helping you to maintain maximum productivity at minimum total cost.

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Our close working relationships with leading manufactures mean we are able to repair the following brands:


  • Flexion
  • Gates
  • Burnett & Hillman
  • Holmbury Quick Release
  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Eaton
  • Parker
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We offer a range solutions tailored to meet you exact requirements:


  • Repair, replace, upgrade
  • Inspection
  • Full functional testing
  • Installation
  • Quality assured service
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Hydraulic systems are selected for high power density and compactness; not for operating costs.


We have the know-how to manage energy wastage and deliver systems that combine optimal performance with high operational and energy efficiency. 

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Additional services are available to help you maintain your hydraulic systems, including:


  • Fluid conditioning
  • Filtration services
  • Preventative maintenance

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ERIKS Hydraulics Increases Plant Efficiency and Reliability

When a problem arose for Calor Gas with their Hydraulic Power Pack they reached out to ERIKS for help. Find out how ERIKS solved the problem and delivered increased efficency with an improved design...


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