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How can a spotted tie improve safety and hygiene?

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A carefully chosen tie is ideal for making you smarter. And if you want to be really smart, you’ll choose cable ties from Panduit – because they’re designed to be easily spotted for improved safety and hygiene.

How can a spotted tie improve safety and hygiene?


When health, hygiene and brand reputations are at stake, there can be no loose ends. Or loose cables. They’re not only a health or safety risk, or a potential trip hazard, but they can even lead to equipment failure. And where cables run through food, beverage or pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing facilities, it’s not enough to use ordinary cable ties and mounts. After all, who wants to find a cable tie in their food or drink, or a piece of cable mount in their medicine?

You need ties that fix securely – and that can quickly be spotted before they risk contaminating your product and undoing your reputation for meeting safety and hygiene standards.

Contamination detection all tied up

It’s important that cables are safely secured. It’s essential that the ties and mounts you use are also secure. And it’s absolutely vital that you can easily detect any ties and mounts that end up where they shouldn’t.

The answer is to use Panduit cable ties and mounts specially designed for food, beverage and pharmaceutical operations, which can be spotted by your usual contamination detection methods.

Panduit Metal Detectable Cable Ties and Mounts contain metal impregnated material. In the unlikely event they become detached and fall onto the production line – or worse still, into the actual product – your X-ray or metal detection equipment will quickly detect and identify them as foreign objects. And to make them even easier to detect, they’re coloured a distinctive blue, which means they can also be spotted with the naked eye.

So they help you to comply with EU hygiene monitoring regulations, and US FDA standards.

For general purpose applications, the metal detectable cable ties and mounts are available in a Nylon material. Or, for applications where stringent cleaning regimes employ jet pressure washing and harsh chemicals, the same ties and mounts are available in a Polypropylene material which resists the challenges of the environment.

Used in food, beverage or pharmaceutical processing, handling or packaging locations, and inside electrical control panels in the same areas, the Panduit range of Metal Detectable Cable Ties and Mounts keeps your cables – and your brand reputation – secure.


Labelling that cabling

Just as important for health and safety as securing your cables, is knowing which cable is which. So Panduit offers labelling and permanent solutions for reliable identification.

The labelling range is classified up to IP69K for ingress protection, which means it protects against ingress of dust, and resists high temperature and high-pressure water. In manufacturing and processing areas where equipment is extensively sanitised, these Raised Panel / Super-Tack Labels and Non- Printable Clear Overlaminates are ideal for cable labelling and asset identification.

For an even longer-term solution, the Panduit Permanent Identification System, such as embossed Stainless Steel marker plates, uses customer on-site marking tools, which can be used for highly durable, legible identification of pipes, conduits, cables and equipment.



Safety locked-in

Stainless steel is an ideal material for use in hygienic environments, or where metal detection is crucial. So the Panduit product portfolio includes the Pan-Steel® System of Stainless Steel Ball-Locking Ties.

Available in uncoated and fully-coated options, these 4.6, 7.9, 12.7 and 15.9mm wide cable ties are specially designed for strength, vibration, corrosion and extreme temperature resistance.

Using Panduit Ergonomic Hand Tools for installation, and with a fully-rounded #1 Grade Rounded Edge which eliminate burrs and sharp edges, both the cable bundle and the installer are protected. The tension-controlled, automatic cut-off tools – suitable for Nylon, Polypropylene and Stainless Steel cable tie installation – also capture the cut-off tips (reducing the risk of product contamination). And with 40% less recoil at the point of cutting, they can help reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury for installers.

Once installed, the Panduit Pan-Steel® System’s unique locking system within the head of the tie increases resistance to vibration, which can loosen less secure ties.

So if you want to protect your consumers, maintain health and hygiene standards, and preserve your brand’s reputation, get smart. Get a Panduit tie.

For more information on Safety Solutions and to get in touch with one of our ERIKS Specialists, please contact your local ERIKS Service Centre, who will be happy to discuss your options.

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