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Loctite help to ensure you don't slip up on safety

‘It’s okay – I only tripped up.’ ‘I slipped but it’s nothing.’ ‘I fell over at work.’ Now imagine hearing that over 217,000 times in one year. That’s approximately the number of times slips, trips and falls were reported as causes of non-fatal injuries in the workplace, in the latest HSE statistics*. And those avoidable accidents led to an incredible 11.25 million lost working days in the same year. Clearly it’s time to take steps to stop slips.

Which is more surprising: that slips and falls on a level surface are one of the leading causes of unplanned absence from work, or that it can be so easy to do something about it?

Anti-slip coatings applied to risk areas are a quick and easy health and safety initiative. And because they can directly reduce lost working days, they’re highly cost-effective too – as two examples of recent applications prove.

Ship-shape and surface traction

Loctite PC 6315 is a two-part, black epoxy that is not only fire-resistant when cured, but also resistant to most acids, alkalis, solvents, grease, oil, salt water, detergents, alcohol, petrol, jet fuels and hydraulic acids.

It’s so durable that it can even withstand heavy vehicular traffic. Which together with its resistance to salt water is what made it ideal for a ferry operator. The poop deck of the ferry had been fitted with anti-slip rubber strips, but sea water and condensation caused them to lose adhesion to the aluminium of the deck.

Once applied, the Loctite PC 6315 anti-slip coating stayed securely in place. The ‘valleys’ of its surface profile trapped contaminants that could otherwise make the surface slippery, and the ‘peaks’ provided traction and grip. The result was a greatly reduced number of falls amongst passengers and crew.

At the same time, the extra surface traction enabled quicker vehicle manoeuvring, which reduced vehicle loading time onto the ferry by 10%.


All aboard – safely

A similar issue was causing problems for a tram operator in the North of England. Anti-slip tape on tram carriage doorways soon lifted under standard cleaning processes, and lost its grip once it began to weather. Replacement was a slow process, taking around two hours.

In this case, the customer chose Loctite PC 6261 single-part epoxy. Quick and easy to apply, it can be rolled-on to create a ridged profile, or sprayed on for a more uniform finish. Extremely durable, it’s primarily designed for applications where there is high pedestrian footfall or light rolling traffic.

Fire-retardant when cured, and resistant to petrol, oil, acids, alkalis and aliphatic solvents, Loctite PC 6261 is available in yellow as well as grey.

This gave the customer a high-visibility strip, suitable for repainting when required without removal or rework.

The saving in maintenance time – together with the enhanced passenger safety – has led the customer to consider the coating for the company’s bus fleet, and for general operational areas with high-footfall.


Don’t get it taped

Typical anti-slip solutions are either sand-in-paint systems or tapes, but neither of these match the strength and slip-resistance of the Loctite range of anti-slip coatings. Based on epoxy adhesive technology, these tough and long-lasting coatings create anti-slip surfaces that are easy to clean, resistant to chemicals, and available with fire-resistant qualities. Also available in the Loctite range are water-based acrylic coatings that are chip, scuff, impact and UV-resistant – making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Both types are rated for use in dry service temperatures from -29°C to +60°C.

The solvent-free Loctite PC 6315 is particularly suitable for odour-sensitive environments, such as food and drink processing and production facilities, hospitals and confined areas.

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