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Protection for you and Earth

We’re all aware that we need to do everything we can to protect the environment. The product choices we make are one of the steps we can take. We also know that we have an over-riding duty to protect the people working in our industries. Now, thanks to the Ansell Earth initiative, it’s easier than ever to do both, with fewer negative environmental effects, and no less protection for people.

Protection for you and Earth

As a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), Ansell has never compromised on safety for users of its products. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the company has also been making ever greater efforts to make those products more sustainable. In fact, Ansell has been reporting on its sustainability since 2016 and has a goal of achieving Net Zero in Operations by 2040.

Now the newly-launched Ansell Earth Program is not only the framework which supports that goal, but is also the key to helping you choose the most sustainable PPE for your business, to help with your own sustainability and Net Zero aims.

Sustainable from beginning to end

It’s easy for manufacturers to pick and choose where and when to be sustainable. Perhaps they use plastic-free packaging, for example, or their products are recyclable. (‘Where facilities exist’ helps to get them off the hook.)

What is harder is to think about sustainability from the raw materials used right through to the end of the product lifecycle – and to make sure that products tick the right boxes at every stage.

The five pillars of the Ansell Earth Program do just that.

From Materials and Manufacturing to Packaging, Use and End of Use, the five pillars define the claims made for the Ansell products, and the environmental benefits they provide in their lifecycle.

So products which fit the Ansell Earth criteria are – for example –made from renewable materials and / or recycled content, and materials are responsibly sourced. They are manufactured with renewable energy, and the manufacturing process produces zero waste to landfill.

The finished products are packaged in plastic-free, recyclable, reusable, compostable or biodegradable packaging. And at the end of use the products will either biodegrade, or be compostable or recyclable.

Claims or credentials?

Claiming to be sustainable is easy. Being sustainable is hard. Proving it is harder still. But the Ansell Earth program verifies and substantiates every sustainability claim it makes for any product.

Since September last year, clear and proven sustainability information has been provided for selected products in the program. At the time of writing, there are 169 products covered by the program, and more are being added all the time. But no product will be included and no sustainability information will be offered until it has been scientifically tested, proven and can be substantiated with documentation.

So thanks to the Ansell Earth program, you can more easily make the right choices for your business and for the Earth, based on real, genuine results – not ‘greenwashing.’

A big hand for the planet

An innovative compostable glove and Ansell’s most popular general handling glove demonstrate how Ansell Earth helps the planet without compromising performance or safety.

MICROFLEX® 31-103 Compostable Gloves

The first compostable glove from Ansell made in a facility using 100% green electricity from onsite rooftop solar panels and a Green Power Purchase agreement with a local electricity company and 90% biodegradable within 180 days in industrial composting facilities.

Ideal for use in food service, hospitality and retail settings where risk is low but hand hygiene is a requirement.

HyFlex® 11-842

The FORTIX™ technology in this popular multi-purpose glove provides improved durability, which extends glove life and reduces waste to landfill. The glove has a sustainable liner made from 90% recycled nylon yarn, to reduce its carbon footprint at manufacture by 75g CO2 eq per pair compared with a standard nylon glove.

Plastic-free inner packaging contains 53% fewer materials. Providing twice as much grip, the glove also offers up to 20% greater abrasion resistance compared with earlier versions.

For more information, contact your local ERIKS Service Centre, who will be happy to discuss your options.

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