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5 Top Tips to Improve and Maintain Machine Performance

Managing industrial automation machinery is complex these days. Limited budgets and production pressures challenge busy maintenance professionals. 

But small tweaks in the right places can make a big difference,

For example, cutting energy consumption is a big priority for many OEMs and end users. The good news is, improving conventional technology can sometimes achieve major savings for your business without breaking the bank. 

Take a look at Parker's Top 5 Tips to improve and maintain machine performance...

Extend intervals between routine maintenance 

When you’re working machinery faster and harder, over time machines need a little TLC. Not easy when you must squeeze the last drop of capability from your production line. So what can you do?

Tip 1: When replacing equipment, choose quality parts that offer improved performance and reliability; a little extra spend can prolong machine life and cut downtime. Parker’s PGP gear pump and T7 vane pump range, available from ERIKS, are examples.

Tip 2: The latest diagnostic or condition monitoring equipment spots potential problems and automatically alerts you to hidden nasties.

Reduce machine power consumption by up to 25% 

Saving energy is a big priority for many people now. No need to break the bank; sometimes improving conventional technology can achieve major savings.

Tip 3: Check you’re using the best combination of conventional valves and pumps. Valves with poor flow waste energy every time you put power through them; and any unnecessary friction or heat loss from pumps is a hidden waste that never gets noticed.

Tip 4: Got a little more time or money to spend? It’s worth checking out advanced drive controls and pump hydraulics – ask ERIKS for details of Parker’s DCP drive control pump range.

Speed up production 

If you need something quicker than traditional servo systems, new valve technologies offer extra oomph.

Tip 5: Parker’s DF Plus valve offers high-speed servo-like performance. This dynamic valve can run machines faster, and its high-level control delivers better cylinder control too.

For more help making machine maintenance easier – or information on the latest technologies contact your local ERIKS service centre for assistance.

For more information and to get in touch with one of our ERIKS Fluid Power, Transfer and Control Specialists please contact your local ERIKS Service Centre, who will be happy to discuss your options.

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