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Energy efficiency is a rising priority for all businesses, yet understanding the energy consumption of critical equipment (namely pumps) is less understood. Andy Cruse, Technical Director for our Flow Control Division provides us with his Top 10 Tips for pumps efficiency.

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1. Understanding power consumption

The old adage you can’t manage what you don’t measure is never truer than in pump efficiency with up to 87% of the total lifecycle cost of a pump attributed to energy.

2. Establish performance data

During the installation process, record the initial performance data of the pump and then continually monitor and record at regular intervals.

3. Monitor flow

If a flow meter is not incorporated in the system, it’s important to carry out periodic flow testing. This can be done by non-intrusive devices.

4. Identify discharge head

Take a reading when the pump is fitted and keep a record. If this figure changes over time, it may be indicative of a problem.

5. Identify suction head

Many pump problems actually occur in the suction area, so it’s important to install differential pressure monitoring. This will highlight filter blockages.

6. Record maintenance and repair data

Record maintenance and repair data to establish Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) records as well as running hours at every intervention. Ensure that you log entries repeatedly.

7. Record running amps

Ensure that you closely monitor and record running amps as part of any Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) data collection.

8. Assess all pumping systems for potential energy reduction

Any pump with a varied load or demand has the potential for energy savings. Consider the installation of Variable Speed Drives where possible.

9. Never simply replace like for like

Always reassess your requirements when your pumps is due for replacement.  Many people replace like for like despite the fact that the system requirements may have changed or even the wrong equipment was originally specified.

10. It pays to seek advice

Whether you need advice due to system failures or during the specification process, it pays to bring in the experts to help identify the right solution.

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