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Now E stands for Enhanced, Easier and Excellent

You invented a product over a hundred years ago. You have been developing and improving it ever since. Do you think by now it’s got as good as it’s going to be? SKF takes a different view. With 115 years’ experience in split roller bearings, they never stop looking for – and finding – new ways to make them better: from more efficient, to easier to fit, and even to ensuring greater safety for technicians. The enhanced SKF E-Series Split Roller Bearing is just the latest example of this SKF approach to product improvement. 

The ’Cooper’ in SKF Cooper refers to Thomas Cooper: inventor in 1907 of the original Split Roller Bearing. Still the market leader over a century later, SKF Cooper split roller bearings have now been improved yet again with a redesign which enhances the versatility and performance of the SKF E-Series.


E for Enhanced

The most significant change from earlier versions of the E-Series is a unique and patented brass cage design, with an additional roller in each half of the bearing. This means the upgraded E-Series offers a even greater load-carrying capacity, but still within the same dimensional envelope as the previous version. So an older bearing can be swapped for the new and improved version, with no adaptation required. 

The additional rollers increase the carrying capacity, of course. But that’s not all. They also improve the bearing’s service life. And that means the life of the asset is optimised in turn.

These benefits hold true even in the challenging operating environments where the SKF E-Series thrives: in dirty, wet or abrasive applications, in extremes of temperature, and above ground, underground – or even underwater. 

E for Easier

The upgraded E-Series shares an important characteristic with all SKF Cooper split roller bearings: it’s a bearing of two halves. Split to the shaft, the E-Series bearing can be easily disassembled into smaller components that are easier to remove, lift and handle. Depending on the size of bearing, a solid version may need days for a team of engineers – perhaps with heavy lifting gear – to remove and replace, including dismounting all associated equipment.

The SKF split bearing, on the other hand, is easier, simpler and faster to disassemble, assemble and switch out. This is especially important if the bearing is located in a difficult- to-access or cramped area, and if downtime is particularly costly. In trapped locations such as between the head pulley and gearbox or motor, for example, there’s no need to disturb any of the surrounding equipment.

As an added benefit, SKF Cooper split roller bearings have pre-set clearances, so there’s no time wasted with on-site adjustments, and no specialist fitting tools are needed.

Since some sources estimate 43% of all workplace accidents occur during maintenance, anything which can speed up, simplify, and reduce the need for maintenance has to be an upgrade worth making.

E for Excellent

Life isn’t perfect but a bearing has to be. Especially when there’s no guarantee it will be mounted onto a perfectly aligned shaft.

That’s why the SKF E-Series is designed to make allowances for shaft misalignment, and still remain perfectly sealed. The cartridge design maintains the seal’s alignment without binding to the shaft, and if the shaft suffers misalignment there’s no gap created which would allow contamination of the bearing.

There’s also a choice of SKF bearing sealing options, which can be tailored to suit individual requirements. With standard felt seals at one end of the scale, and high-pressure seals suitable for up to 40m of water at the other, you can expect excellent sealing capabilities whatever your application.

E is for Ongoing

The spelling’s not right but the sentiment is. Enhancements to the SKF E-Series have been steadily ongoing for a decade, and will be continuing far into the future. 

The company’s R&D Department in Kings Lynn is constantly designing and engineering bearings to deliver greater performance and efficiency, longer service life and easier maintenance – as well as creating innovative new designs when new techniques, materials, technologies and applications arise.

Or to put it another way: Enhanced, Easier and Excellent all begin with three letters: SKF.

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