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When the going gets tough...

…Rocol high-performance lubricants, cleaners and maintenance solutions get going. That’s because ROCOL is a leading global manufacturer of products specifically designed to excel in aggressive environments, across a wide range of different industries.

When the going gets tough...

Going to extremes

Extreme temperatures are often a key feature of an aggressive environment, and a major challenge for lubricants and similar products. ROCOL solutions are formulated to perform whether the operating environment is consistently hot, consistently cold, or fluctuates frequently between the two.

ROCOL’s FOODLUBE Chain Fluid is just one example, specifically designed to provide superior lubrication and protection for chains operating in extreme temperatures. For applications from ovens to freezers, and countless other harsh environments found in food processing and manufacturing, it’s guaranteed to help customers keep their cool about their asset’s performance, reliability and safety.

Weathering the storms

If you think operating conditions at some factories and other sites are tough, imagine how much tougher they are out at sea. It’s not just the extreme weather and environmental conditions, but the difficulty of getting engineering support and spare parts.

So only reliable, hard-working, specialised solutions – tailored to the unique operating environment – will do.

ROCOL’s understanding of specific industries’ requirements lies behind its range of high-performance, highly specialised solutions.

One example is ROCOL WIRE ROPE Dressing. This is specifically formulated for lubricating and protecting wire ropes used in marine and offshore applications, where corrosion and saltwater exposure are just some of the common challenges.

Back on dry land, heavy industries such as oil, gas and mining can also be tough on parts. For them, ROCOL ANTI-SEIZE Compound is one example of a specially-formulated solution, designed to prevent seizure and galling of threaded fasteners whatever the working day throws at them.

Raising the standards

Making products to cope with the toughest conditions is one thing. Making them compliant with the toughest quality standards and regulations is another. ROCOL does both.

That’s why you can find ROCOL products in use even in industries with high regulatory requirements. In food processing and packaging facilities, for example, where food safety and hygiene are of utmost importance, ROCOL’s NSF H1 registered FOODLUBE range is fully approved for use.

ROCOL products also comply with industry standards such as ISO 21469 for hygiene requirements, ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

So ROCOL customers can be sure they are using products that not only meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. They also protect equipment and machinery. And enable smooth-running, reliable operation, even in the harshest and most aggressive operating environments.

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