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ROCOL help to satisfy the appetite for vegan lubricants

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There may have been a time in the distant past when lubricants were just lubricants. Even in the food and beverage industry. But food grade lubricants are now more or less standard across the sector, and even more specific lubricant categorisation – such as Kosher and Halal – is becoming more common. Now ROCOL has become the first lubricant manufacturer to have its lubricants range certified by the Vegan Society.

ROCOL help to satisfy the appetite for vegan lubricants

The facts prove that veganism is not just a passing fad. During last year’s Veganuary campaign alone, over 825 new vegan products and menus were launched. 580,000 people signed-up to the campaign. And 82% of participants are reported to have carried on consuming far fewer animal-based products long after the end of the month-long campaign.

By 2024, Mintel expects meat-free food sales to exceed £1.1 billion.

If you’re involved in manufacturing or processing products for the vegan market, it’s clearly time for you to get your teeth into the issue.


Reading the small print

It’s estimated that more than 90% of vegans and vegetarians look for verification that the products they buy are truly vegan. One of the things they often look for is the Vegan Society Trademark, which has been used by animal ingredient-free products since 1990.

Certification of a product by the Society shows that it’s not only been manufactured or produced free from animal or animal-derived ingredients, but also produced without cross-contamination from non-vegan and non-vegetarian ingredients.

For manufacturers and processors producing vegan and non-vegan products in the same production plant, the risks of cross-contamination are high. So it’s more important than ever to ensure traceability to demonstrate the use of exclusively vegan products on vegan production lines.

Of course what hasn’t changed since the very first specialist lubricants were introduced, is the need for high-performing lubrication.


Making the grade

A lubricant may be certified as food grade, Halal, Kosher or Vegan. But maintenance engineers still need to choose and use the right lubricant for the right application.

Different machinery and different production environments have different maintenance requirements. Achieving optimum performance and minimum downtime in a food and beverage production environment is not as straightforward as simply selecting an NSF (food safe) registered product and assuming it will work for everything, everywhere.

But start with a range of technically advanced lubricants with proven performance, and specialist certification is then the (vegan and vegetarian) icing on the cake.


Certified Vegan – by the Vegan Society

The ROCOL FOODLUBE range is the first lubricants range to receive Vegan Society certification. No fewer than 46 products in the range have been certified, including:
  • FOODLUBE 1500 Spray
  • FOODLUBE Anti-Seize
  • FOODLUBE Chain Fluid and Chain Spray
  • FOODLUBE Dismantling Spray
  • FOODLUBE Extreme
  • FOODLUBE Hi Torque 150,220,320 and 460
  • FOODLUBE Hi-Power 100,22,32,46 and 68
  • FOODLUBE Hi-Temp 2
  • FOODLUBE Multi-Lube, MultiPaste and MultiPaste Spray
  • FOODLUBE Protect Spray
  • FOODLUBE Ultra
  • FOODLUBE XT Chain Fluid

Vegan and beyond

The ROCOL FOODLUBE range has been specially developed for all sectors in the Food and Beverage industry: from beverages to bakery, pharmaceutical to dairy, and fruit & veg to confectionery.

And now it’s the first lubricant range to receive Vegan Society certification, for 46 products in the range.

With the Vegan Trademark alongside the relevant NSF approvals, you can be sure that the ROCOL FOODLUBE lubricant you choose has been produced without animal or animal-derivatives or Genetically Modified Organisms involving animals. And that there has been no animal testing for the product or its ingredients, where this is controlled by the manufacturer.

So you maintain the integrity of your vegan production line, and offer full traceability and reassurance to vegan customers.

But there’s no need to limit ROCOL lubricants certified by the Vegan Society to machinery used for manufacturing or processing vegan products. By using them for all applications, you can eliminate any risk of cross-contamination, simplify the sourcing of lubricants, and rationalise lubricant use across your facility.

Being vegan-aware isn’t just for Veganuary, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. With ROCOL lubricants certified by the Vegan Society, it’s easy for all food and beverage manufacturers to satisfy and reassure their vegan customers, all year round.


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