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A New Generation of Drum Motors

by Gareth Lenton

A new generation of drum motors has been introduced by Interroll. The innovative motor platform -  predominantly used for modern conveyor belt systems in distribution centers in the production areas or in the food industry - has a completely modular design and encompasses both synchronous and asynchronous drive solutions.

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Benefits of Fit-Testing Hearing Protectors

by Paul Skade

Let’s try a quick quiz.  Your facility has continuous noise measuring 100 decibels (dBA) - a hazardous noise level.  Your worker wears an earplug with a rating number on the package of 30 dB.  How much noise is reaching the eardrum of the worker?  If you answer 70 dB, you are probably quite far off.

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Advanced Protection, Grip and Comfort for Automotive Technicians

by Paul Skade

Automotive technicians need protection from oil and grease when performing daily tasks with sharp objects and greasy tools. Some gloves have the tendency to become saturated, leading to increased injury risk and decreased grip control. In the worst situations, saturated gloves become so uncomfortable that workers lose their focus or remove their gloves, putting themselves at risk for cut injuries.

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Enable Smart Manufacturing

by Paul Skade

In Smart Manufacturing machines and systems generate, analyse and use data to optimise production efficiency, create flexible manufacturing processes and respond quickly at low cost to changes in demand. An Industry 4.0 Smart Factory employs only systems that are interconnected and able to send or receive data from the other systems in the supply chain. 

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Designing in Hygienic Solutions from the Beginning

by Andy Cruse

In tough working environments like the food processing sector, pumping delicate viscous fluids – that contain solids, is a day-to day occurrence. When it comes to specifying equipment therefore, it’s imperative that businesses specify products that are not only fit for purpose, ensuring the quality of the finished product – but also maintain impeccable hygiene standards. Here Paul Winnett at Xylem talks through the importance of choosing the right pump solution and some of the key features to look out for.

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Timken Opens New European Plant

by James Goodgame

Timken recently celebrated the grand opening of its new plant in Prahova county, Romania. The company’s second Romanian facility caters to the global demand for highly engineered Timken® tapered roller bearings in sizes up to 300mm in diameter.

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Now (Do More Than) Wash Your Hands, Please

by Paul Skade

It’s been drummed into us all since childhood: after you’ve used the lavatory, wash your hands. It even used to be printed on the toilet paper. This kind of hand hygiene practice is important wherever you are. But in the industrial environment it shouldn’t stop at the lavatory door. 

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On the Conveyor Belt to Sustainability

by Gareth Lenton

Sometimes sustainability solutions can be found in the most surprising places. Through their “Engineered Sustainability™ product program, Rexnord aim to deliver customers’ sustainability goals – by conveyor belt. 

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