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How Are Brexit Talks Being Conducted

by Richard Ludlam

Have you wondered how Brexit trade talks are going to be conducted? Are we, for example, going to take a sectoral approach or a broad-brush one-size-fits-all?

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Can Pressure Be Good for Your Motors?

by David Bevilacqua

One of the weakest points of a motor in an aggressive environment is the winding. Once contamination gains ingress it creates a tracking path through the winding which allows a leak to earth and a motor trip. The same can happen in damp conditions even without contamination.

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Hands Up If You're Clear on the New PPE Gloves Regulations

by Paul Skade

There are more PPE gloves than ever available for mechanical and chemical protection. Which can make it difficult to choose the right ones for your particular needs. And just to make things even more complicated, the PPE rules for gloves are changing too. So here’s a timely – and handy – update. 

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How a Brickmaker's Production Was Saved From Hitting the Wall

by James Goodgame

Any catastrophic failure of a production asset is, well, a catastrophe. But when your only back-up option is built to exactly the same design, then that catastrophe becomes a disaster waiting to happen. And where replacing a critical asset is concerned, waiting is something you can’t afford to do.

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Who Cleans Up the Dust You've Cleaned Up?

by Mark Carpenter

In most production environments it’s essential to collect dust – because it’s potentially harmful to workers, quipment, the wider environment, or all three. But once it’s been collected, how is it cleaned out of the filter that’s collected it?

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Who Are You Calling Aggressive?

by David Manning-Ohren

The first step towards useful Condition Monitoring in an aggressive environment is to clarify your definition of “aggressive”. Only when you are clear what you’re dealing with can you deal with it successfully.

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Demand the Best Supply Solutions

by Richard Ludlam

Whether you’re after a critical component to get production back up and running, a regular consumables delivery, or expert technical advice, ERIKS deliver. And the figures show that ERIKS deliver on time, no less than 99.6% of the time.

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The Heat is On for Bearing Installation and Lubrication

by James Goodgame

Heat, either directly applied or generated in service, plays a significant role in the life of a bearing, being both beneficial and potentially detrimental at different stages of its lifecycle. SKF shared how heat can be used beneficially as an aid to bearing installation, and describes the negative effects that excessive heat will have on lubricants when the bearing is in service.

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Pump Bearings: Designed for Reliability and Longer Life

by James Goodgame

New bearing development from SKF that promises improved speed, reduced friction, better reliability, and longer service life for pumps.

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New Rocol Grease Boosts Equipment Performance

by James Goodgame

ROCOL has launched a brand new anti-seize and assembly grease to help food processers reduce machine disassembly time, avoid damage to costly components and extend equipment life.

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