ERIKS & Delft Hyperloop Partnership 2018

Creating the Future by Reinventing the Wheel

Innovating on the edge of what is possible. That is what ERIKS has been doing over the past 12 months in an intensive partnership with 38 students from the Delft University of Technology. 

Together, we designed a pod for the annual Hyperloop competition organised by Elon Musk's space transport company SpaceX in California. 

What is Hyperloop?

The Hyperloop concept is an energy-efficient transport system in which pods travel through a vacuum tube at high speed, similar to a pneumatic dispatch system.

It's a fascinating snapshot into a future which could deliver a new form of transport system combining the speed of an aeroplane with the convenience of a metro line. 

The competition really pushes the boundaries of current technology to ensure we annually inch ever closer to making the Hyperloop concept a reality.

Discover How ERIKS & Delft Secured the Second Place Position

Whitepaper Download: ERIKS & Delft Collaboration

Starting in September 2017, ERIKS and Delft embarked on a challenging but exciting journey to design and build an innovative capsule.

As with any project, the path wasn't straight, with lesson-teaching bumps along the way. ERIKS got involved at a very early stage allowing the students to tap into our expertise and resources. 

Read about the process, from initial design in late-2017 through to the competition day earlier this year which led to this great achievement by downloading our whitepaper!

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