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Dust Getting Up Your Nose?

Paul Skade
By Jon Whitehouse
Director, Industrial MRO and Safety

Having started in the Electrical industry in 1995 my early career developed holding a variety of roles from technical support through to business development with...

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Hopefully you wouldn’t inhale a lungful of air when you’re standing by someone smoking a cigarette. But breathing dust while you’re at work could be doing as much harm to your lungs as passive smoking. And just as passive smokers get all the risks with none of the pleasure, if you’re close by – or even just passing by – a job that’s generating dust, you get most of the dust with none of the protection of a PPE face mask.

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The only effective answer is stop the problem at source. Which is exactly what a Bosch Wet and Dry Dust Extractor does. 


Suck it up

The closer to the source you remove the dust, the less that escapes into the atmosphere and potentially into someone’s lungs. So a dust extractor mounted on the tool itself is the ultimate extraction solution. 

The Bosch GAS35MAFC, for example, is effective with the majority of dust types and has several important built-in features.

Continuously variable suction power adjustment enables increased suction when more dust is being produced. Automatic filter cleaning uses a reverse airflow to clean the filter every 15 seconds – so suction power always stays high. And when the maximum fluid level is reached, the tool is automatically shut down, so there’s no danger of believing you’re protected when you’re not. 


Do a better job, safer

Extracting the dust as you work is not just about health and safety. It’s also about doing a better job and being more efficient. 

With no dust in the way, you can see the work piece and work surface clearly at all times, so you can work accurately, quickly, and steadily. Then when the job’s done, there’s no clean-up to waste your time. 

No dust in the atmosphere also means no dust collecting in your tool’s motor, or on the accessory you’re using. That means a longer life for your tools and accessories, and lower costs for you.

Lastly, a cleaner workspace looks more professional, particularly when you’re working at a customer’s site. So you’re doing a better job, safer, and a safer job, better. 


Click & Clean

To make life easier as well as cleaner, the Bosch Click & Clean System brings together everything you need to work efficiently and effectively. 

The system comprises tools, the wet/dry dust extractor, extractor accessories, and L-Boxxes (weighing up to 15kg) which can be attached to the top of the machine for convenient tool storage. All these system components are precisely matched with each other, to help you get the most from your Bosch tools and accessories. 

Now all you have to do is choose the correct specification Bosch extractor for your job – which largely depends on the type of materials being worked on.  

Bosch dust extractors are categorised as dust class L or M, in accordance with the EU standard1. “L” dust particles come from softwoods (spruce, fir, pine etc.) and Corian, while “M” dust is from hardwoods (beech, oak, ash etc.) and from concrete (containing quartz). 

Of the seven extractors in the Bosch range, the four most powerful [see below] have 1380W suction turbines, producing a high vacuum pressure of 254 millibars. Some have automatic filter cleaning (AFC), some semi-automatic (SFC), and all have a container capacity of 35 litres. 

Weighing from 11.6 – 16.2kg, with a 7.5m power cord and 3m or 5m suction hoses, the extractors are easily manoeuvrable on non-marking wheels, and allow a large work radius.  

So you won’t be hauling heavy machinery around, and you won’t need to stop for a breather. 


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