Posted at 17-May-2019

The Cable that Checks its Own Health: igus CF.Q Sensor System

Paul Skade
By Jon Whitehouse
Director, Industrial MRO and Safety

Having started in the Electrical industry in 1995 my early career developed holding a variety of roles from technical support through to business development with...

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There’s cable, and there’s intelligent cable. And cable doesn’t get more intelligent than an igus cable with a CF.Q sensor system. 

igus cable


The CF.Q module checks and evaluates   cable health in real time, and makes timely recommendations for maintenance or replacement. 

Whether the cable has been damaged by tight bending or extreme loads, as soon as the predefined values of the electrical parameters change as a result, the CF.Q module will switch an NC contact to let the user know.

Using the cable and module in combination with isense adds even more intelligence, by increasing digitalisation and networking capabilities. With an integrated SD card slot and serial interface, the modules can log and output data, and connection to the isense-online system offers precise insight into the measured values. So you don’t only know what they are, but also what they mean for your cable’s health.

Intelligent igus cables with CF.Q modules make it easier to maintain the health of your cabling, and plan its maintenance and repair for increased efficiency.  

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