Posted at 15-Jul-2019

Don't Let Your Distributor System Box You In

Paul Skade
By Jon Whitehouse
Director, Industrial MRO and Safety

Having started in the Electrical industry in 1995 my early career developed holding a variety of roles from technical support through to business development with...

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As the demands of technology rapidly develop, finding a distributor system that meets your needs is harder than ever. The new VARIABOX by Bals is as adaptable and versatile as your requirements are changeable. 

feeling boxed in


Available in S, M, L, XL and XXL versions, as a wall-mounted or mobile combination unit, VARIABOX can be individually configured with standard or switched interlocked sockets, as well as network data sockets suitable for integration with RJ45, HDMI or USB ports. 

Yet despite the range of options and variants, the VARIABOX is still a one-man assembly, easy to install distributor system. 

70% quicker installation

Bals’ industry-leading QUICK-CONNECT screwless, spring-clamp system technology can save up to 70% installation time. As well as being fast and reliable, correct conductor connection is ensured, thanks to colour-coded conductor terminal entry.  The connection is also maintenance-free, and insensitive to shocks, vibrations and temperature fluctuations. 

The quick cable entry faceplates can be designed to your requirements, with a choice of plain or threaded, and with threading at the top, bottom or both. M12, M20, M25, M32 and M40 entries allow use of industry-standard glands. 

The VARIABOX has a hinged lid feature with a one-touch close mechanism for more efficient installation, commissioning and maintenance. The lid is manually opened upwards, then locks open to leave the installer with both hands free. Slight pressure on the folding window closes the lid and locks it automatically, ensuring the VARIABOX is never left open, and preventing dust, dirt and water from entering.

If you need to expand VARIABOX systems that’s easy to do. They have been designed modularly to be connected to one another, even when you’re using large cable cross-sections, as they feature generous internal cable bushings. So, from satisfying your initial design requirements to meeting your system expansion or changing specification needs, VARIABOX allows you to easily configure the power distribution you want.

When the going gets tough

Safety and durability are key features of the VARIABOX. Robustly designed in high-quality, durable PBT polyester, it’s reliable even in difficult conditions and aggressive environments. 

PBT polyester is self-extinguishing and fracture-proof, with excellent electrical insulation properties, as well as being resistant to: 

  • chemicals
  • UV
  • extreme heat/cold
  • saltwater 
  • aging

But it’s not just the operating environment that’s challenging. The growth of the Internet of Things is generating more and more connected devices, that demand seamless connectivity and reliable performance at all times. 

Bals are developing the VARIABOX distributor system to work with this cutting-edge technology, so you can expand your network of devices, grow your business capabilities, and increase the efficiency of your workforce. 

Still at development stage, this future VARIABOX options will allow you to make better-informed decisions, fuelled by real-time data feeds from the VARIABOX. The result will be increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and yet another reason to choose VARIABOX.  


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