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Which Cable Tie to use? Here's our Survival Guide for cable ties

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By Jon Whitehouse
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It’s strange to think that something such as a cable tie, a regularly used household item, can play such an important role in health and safety in industrial environments. But the reality is, they do. And incorrect selection could have drastic consequences.

Which Cable Tie to use? Here's our Survival Guide for cable ties
Which Cable Tie to use? Here's our Survival Guide for cable ties


Cable ties boast multiple uses in industrial environments, from fixing cable bundles, to reducing fire and trip hazards from dangling loose wires, they really do play an essential role. But to ensure long life and dependable service, there are many factors that must be considered when selecting the correct cable tie material for a specific application.


Select your Cable Tie to use

It may sound obvious but selecting the wrong material can lead to premature ageing, which will ultimately lead to perishing and catastrophic failure, particularly in aggressive environments, where changing conditions such as temperature and humidity can be very dramatic. It is therefore essential to select the correct cable tie material that meets all the aggressive environmental requirements of the final application.

In addition to the likelihood of cable tie breakages, there are additional costs that will likely be encountered should an incorrect material be chosen. This simple and regular mistake will lead to unnecessary downtime, essential maintenance, and repair work, and most importantly, an increase in health and safety risks.

A right first time, fit and forget solution

A leading global producer of cable ties, Panduit’s exceptional portfolio offers the most complete selection of sizes, styles, and materials to meet even the most demanding of environments.

From high temperature and moisture applications, to radiation, chemical and highly flammable settings, there is a correct choice to be made, one that has been specifically engineered to withstand ever-changing demands of aggressive environments.

Panduits Cable Ties - engineered for electronics too

In summary, the cost of installing an incorrect cable tie in an aggressive industrial setting is not only unnecessary costs and excess downtime, but also increased risk to employee health and safety.


There is a correct choice to be made with Cable Ties

To find out more about Panduit’s extensive range of cable ties to suit your application and operating environment, please contact your local ERIKS electrical engineer to discuss your options.


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