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Lock efficiency in its place

Paul Skade
By Jon Whitehouse
Director, Industrial MRO and Safety

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Maintenance engineers across the country are continuously attempting to identify new ways to achieve savings throughout their facilities. But what good are cost savings if low efficiency levels are driving them back up?


Traditional mechanical locking devices, such as split pins and tab washers, are repeatedly used in plants far and wide, but these conventional methods come with their constraints. For example, split pins and washers are only suitable for nuts and bolts. Friction devices provide a level of resistance to vibration, but do not perform well under extreme conditions. They serve a purpose, but true efficiency is limited.


So, is there a method that provides better results with higher levels of efficiency? Yes. Liquid threadlocking.

Leading the way

Threadlocking adhesives are today taking the place of traditional mechanical locking devices, offering a greater level of all-round efficiency. And leading the way is LOCTITE®, pioneering the concept of anaerobic threadlocking through continuous development and innovation.

For example, the popular medium strength threadlocker LOCTITE 243 has recently been upgraded to offer good bond strength on contaminated surfaces, providing higher temperature resistance and performing well on passive metals without an activator.

Filling the gaps

Originally, mechanical locking devices were developed to solve the common problem of loosening that occurs in most threaded assemblies. But the reality is, due to the increasing demands of industry, and continuously changing conditions whether that be excessive vibration, thermal expansion or improper torque, they don’t maintain clamp loads.

Threadlocking adhesives, such as those from the LOCTITE range, effectively prevent unwanted movement, vibrational loosening, leaks and corrosion.

They come as single component liquids or semi-solid adhesives, which cure at room temperature to form a hard-solid thermoset plastic when applied to a variety of surfaces such as steel, aluminium and brass. The adhesive cures in the absence of air, completely filling the gaps between the mating threads, uniting the threads and joints.

LOCTITE threadlockers also boast excellent anti-corrosion properties, particularly useful when assembling through-bolts in oil reservoirs for example. Due to their clamp load retention capabilities, assemblies remain sealed and leak-proof for their entire service life, while the liquid film prevents friction welding or galling.

With unrivalled durability, LOCTITE threadlockers are the most versatile and inexpensive option for ensuring a reliable and corrosion resistant assembly.

One bottle fits all

Keeping track of a large inventory can be stressful. Hundreds, if not thousands, of individual components, some large some small. You need to know what’s located where, at all times. But what if you were told you could reduce your inventory significantly?


In the past, double nutting has been the preferred method of reducing vibration. But not only does this method not completely fill the gaps necessary to eliminate vibration, it doubles the cost. It may not seem much, but the reality is, it’s adding to your bottom line. Regardless of component size, two items are being placed into operation, when one is sufficient for the task.

Switching back to a single nut but securing with a LOCTITE threadlocking adhesive will reduce your inventory, thus lowering costs. As previously mentioned, LOCTITE threadlockers are extremely diverse and compatible with a variety of surfaces, meaning that only one bottle is required for multiple tasks. Shelf-space is reduced, and it can be effortlessly carried around in the engineer’s pocket or toolbox for added convenience. There’s no need to be without it.

Brand security

Counterfeit is a word of horror in industry, with several high-quality products being imitated with cheaper alternatives, but with popularity comes increased risk.


Counterfeit products provide lower levels of performance, nullifying the very reason for purchasing the product in the first place. Not only that, but results could be catastrophic, endangering engineers’ safety.

To safeguard from this ongoing problem, LOCTITE have introduced a new patented bottle design. The distinctive shoulder and foot rims boast textured edges, while the LOCTITE branding is recessed into the shoulder moulding. The refreshed design is very difficult to replicate and is to be introduced across the whole range.

Increasing the efficiency of your plant, reducing its costs and inventory, and guaranteeing reliability is only one bottle away. ERIKS is currently stocking the new style of LOCTITE packaging, so you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product, from a knowledgeable supplier. Contact your local ERIKS Lubrication Representative for further details.

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