Posted at Tuesday, 26 May, 2020

Help the environment by using biodegradable disposable gloves

Paul Skade
By Paul Skade
Category Manager, Industrial MRO and Safety

I’ve been in the Tools and MRO industry since leaving school 45 years ago. I’ve enjoyed a wide and varied career in a variety of Sales and Procurement roles in th...

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Catering for the environment is becoming more prevalent for businesses and playing an increasingly important factor in day-to-day operations.


To help cope with such environmental issues, particularly in industries such as agriculture, automotive, chemical, food and healthcare, Globus Group have added to their market-leading range of disposable gloves with the SHOWA 6110PF.

The SHOWA 6110PF is made from 100% biodegradable nitrile providing the ultimate in comfort, dexterity and protection from chemicals.

The smooth grip, rolled cuff and ‘second-skin’ feel add to the wearability, while the construction is significantly stronger than traditional latex. Both powder- and latex-free, they are ideal for people with a Type I latex sensitivity.

The addition of innovative Eco Best Technology® (EBT), which contains an organic additive added during the manufacturing process, means they are attractive to microbial activity when disposed to landfill.

Regular nitrile gloves cannot attract enough microbial activity to begin the breakdown process, but the EBT materials in the SHOWA 6110PF break down into three natural compounds - organic soil, methane and carbon dioxide - meaning they will fully biodegrade within five years - helping businesses to reflect a positive approach to saving the environment.

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