Posted at Thursday, 22 October, 2020

Can you hear me? I SAID, CAN YOU HEAR ME?

Paul Skade
By Paul Skade
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Social distancing is today an essential part of creating a safe working environment and is the World Health Organisation and UK Government’s first choice for preventing the spread of Covid-19. But, keeping an acceptable distance while ensuring clear communication in a manufacturing environment is harder than you might think, given that most industrial environments produce excessive noise.


Noise pollution isn’t necessarily something that we would automatically associate with the Covid-19 pandemic, but due to the Government imposed 2m social distancing ruling, we must now better understand the impacts it has on our levels of communication. Even the littlest amount of noise pollution can make a big difference when communicating with your colleagues.


The Noise at Work Regulation 2005 dictates that when operating in an environment that has noise levels exceeding 85 decibels, hearing protection such as earmuffs or earplugs must be worn. This, combined with the mandatory 2m distancing policy, makes achieving clear communication more difficult or even impossible.

Speaking with a number of our customers in the food and glass bottle manufacturing industries, they expressed their desire to find a solution that would both maintain distancing rules and offer faultless communication. 

Currently, staff were having to lean in to speak with one another clearly, or risk miscommunicating or mishearing instructions, which could often be essential to production and health and safety.

ERIKS MRO & Safety Equipment Product Business Unit proposed the PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom™ Plus headset from 3M.

Regarded as ‘the next generation protective communication solution,’ the PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom™ Plus headset is designed with an integrated, pre-programmed analogue two-way radio, Bluetooth multipoint connectivity, noise cancelling microphone, and level-dependant function for ambient listening.


They not only help to protect users from hazardous noise but make it easy to communicate in excessively noisy industrial environments, while increasing situational awareness and maintaining social distancing.

The customer is always right

Feedback from one customer in the food manufacturing industry suggested the positive impacts 3M PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom™ Plus headsets have had on their production. They commented: “These headsets have been very useful for us, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, and have become an integral part of our day-to-day operations.

“We operate in a noisy environment, and find that these headsets significantly improve our communication, especially in scenarios where we have social distancing policies in place. Our site is on the larger scale, and they allow us to communicate with other engineers in any part of the factory, which not only increase our levels of communication, but also mitigates risks associated with health and safety.”

Pre-Covid, by law, it is mandatory in many industries to operate using hearing protection. And now, during the pandemic, the requirement of face masks has increased. The combination of these PPE requirements has become problematic for employees, but 3M’s PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom™ Plus headset has all bases covered.

For more details on this innovative communication solution or to place an order please contact your local ERIKS Service Centre today or alternatively, CLICK HERE to buy directly from the ERIKS Webshop.

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