Posted at 07-Jul-2020

Reducing risk, increasing yield, delivering innovation

Paul Skade
By Mick Holland
Director, Sealing and Polymer

Since joining ERIKS in 2010, Mick has continually focussed upon building a strong team able to employ significant technical and logistical resources to deliver co...

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Fitting unsuitable materials to any application will have negative effects, right? And when it comes to your sealing applications, it’s no different. Different sealing technologies serve different purposes, so ensuring that the right material is fitted against the correct media is essential to avoiding failure.


One major energy recovery facility was faced with continuous issues due to lack of knowledge and high stock levels confusing the situation even further. ERIKS Sealing and Polymer were called in to suggest a solution.

Prior to ERIKS visit, the customer was stocking multiple material grades onsite, and was having to check their suitability for the application each time. Stockholding included 16 varying grades and styles, and 11 different media types.

The current process was very slow and ineffective, and unnecessarily tied up the company’s capital.

It’s all in the knowledge

Sharing their vast technical materials knowledge, and supporting literature, in this case the Engineered Gaskets Brochure, the ERIKS Sealing & Polymer specialist suggested to the customer that they could cut down the various grades held onsite from 16 to just three, explaining that the selected materials would cater for all processes required on the plant.


The new process makes it much simpler for engineers to choose which type of gasket to use, vastly reducing the risk of fitting unsuitable material grades to specific application media. In the long-term, by reducing the risk of gasket failures, there is ultimately less chance of plant downtime, increasing production output.

With the new process in place, and the time taken to select the appropriate materials significantly reduced, onsite engineers are able to spend more time on other pressing concerns across the facility, increasing productivity.

A stamp that ensures quality

Included as one of the newly stocked items was Clipperlon 2135 from Leader Gaskets. Innovatively designed, this gasket material comes embossed with the signature Leader logo, safeguarding against counterfeit products being supplied to the customer.

In addition to the suggested materials, the site has made an order for six sheets of 1.5mm Clipperlon 2135 and 12 sheets of 1.5mm N-Graph. Since the initial visit, the feedback received from the customer has been truly positive, reiterating that the new process has been a great success, and moving forward, more gasket opportunities will be handed to ERIKS.

If you’re looking to reduce your stockholdings, why not give our Sealing and Polymer team a call on 0121 508 6000 to discuss your options. Alternatively, why not download the Engineered Gaskets Brochure to see what's available to order today.

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