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When Two Heads are Better Than One

Paul Skade
By Gareth Lenton
General Manager, Power Transmission

I joined WYKO in January of 2000, the dawn of a new millennium and a completely new start for me after spending 2 years backpacking through South East Asia and Au...

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No-one knows as much about your industry and your application as you. Except ERIKS. You have the day-to-day, on-the-job experience gained at your own facility. We have the industry-wide experience that comes from working on countless different applications to resolve unique problems. So working together, your engineers and our technical and application teams can resolve any drive or power transmission issue in your plant. 

ERIKS Technical and Application Engineers


Working together provides a unique perspective on whatever challenge you’re facing. You bring the detailed, hands-on knowledge. We bring the broader, comprehensive expertise and painstakingly acquired know-how. Which means that where some suppliers might offer just  a product, we provide a solution specifically devised to meet your needs.

That’s because we know that a product is only the start. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference. 

Your problem, our solution

No two problems and no two applications are exactly the same. Which means that no two solutions should be the same either – even if the same products are involved. 

Working in partnership with you enables us to separate specific requirements from general issues, so that we can produce a truly tailored solution that ticks all the boxes for your application, and yours alone. It will not only resolve your particular problem, but will also deliver the performance you need, and fit the budget you have available. 

And if there are particular quirks of your production or oddities of your operation that only you could know about, our close collaboration will ensure that they’re addressed too. We won’t try to force your application into a one-size-fits-all straitjacket. We’ll create something that’s truly bespoke.

Cutting-edge products

Although products are only the start, it helps if there’s a comprehensive range available from stock.

ERIKS Drives and Power Transmission holds £20m of product ready for immediate dispatch, including belt drives, chain drives and geared drives, belts and chain, shaft fixings, couplings, motors, inverters, speed reducers and automation components. 

And they’re not just a random selection. They’re carefully chosen from reputable, high-quality manufacturers, and include the latest technologies. So whether you want the technology you’ve always relied on, or cutting-edge innovation, it’s your choice, from our stock.

You can also always expect to find the products you need, when you need them. 

ERIKS has been operating in the field of drives and power transmissions for many years, and has established close relationships with the leading manufacturers. That means we can rely on their continuity of supply. We also have our own highly efficient and flexible logistics operation, to get the right products to the right place at the right time. If the scale of your requirements demands it, we’ll even establish a specific stockholding just for you, so you can be sure your supply will never be interrupted. 

We’re also proactive, not reactive.

Using demand forecast models and predictive purchasing algorithms, we can ensure we have not only the products you want now, but the ones you’ll want soon. 

Putting it all together

Drive and power transmission requirements come in all shapes, sizes and guises, and demand solutions that are just as varied and adaptable.

From one-off reliability improvements to fully design projects ERIKS has the resources, flexibility and know-how to deliver a complete answer to your needs, including: 

  • Customisation 
  • Kitting
  • Sub-assembly
  • Design and modelling
  • Theoretical proving
  • Test rigs
  • Application, compliance and Best Practice advice


At ERIKS Technology Centres and Regional Hubs across the country, your customised drives and power transmission solutions can be designed, engineered and manufactured. Validation testing is also available on-site, and manufacturing can be carried out to meet ATEX, Food and Hygiene or industry-specific regulations. 

Solutions can also be manufactured with integrated safety systems, to suit the requirements of your operating environment or application. 

The everlasting solution

ERIKS engineering ensures your drives and power transmissions work better, for longer. Even so, they won’t last for ever. 

But ERIKS asset management can help to maintain their optimum performance throughout their service life. An audit will help you identify precisely which assets are production-critical, right down to the last nut, bolt, drive chain and coupling. Then we can design a monitoring system for those assets, which will spot issues before they become a problem. 

That means you’ll be able to address them in good time, before an issue becomes a crisis or a minor problem becomes a major expense, and with the aim of minimising unplanned  downtime and maximising uptime. 

We can also offer scheduled inspection and maintenance services for unmonitored assets, to help them retain peak performance for longer. 

And because our service goes beyond the product, you can chose from a range of other ERIKS support services, which can take you from installation and commissioning, through reliability improvements, repairs and upgrades, to decommissioning and replacement. 

Whatever your drive or power transmission requirements, working together with ERIKS will help you to find a solution that provides the optimum combination of efficiency, productivity and cost. 

All it takes it the optimum combination of ERIKS, and you.

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