Posted at Monday, 13 May, 2019

Fenner Grants Three Wishes with Triflex Couplings

Paul Skade
By Gareth Lenton
General Manager, Power Transmission

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Do you want drive trains with resistance to shock stress? With silent operation? Or do you want the capability to adjust your couplings to compensate for misalignment? The new Fenner® TriFlex Couplings give you all three.


Designed with vulcanised-in interior cord inlays (known as Tenpu® fibre technology) the couplings use the tension force principle to create an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional compression couplings. 

The cord inlays dampen torque peaks to absorb start-up impacts, and the rubber not only supports and protects the cords, but also isolates noise.

In addition to allowing easy and precise oscillatory tuning of the complete drive train, the ATEX-certified couplings are also highly adaptable, thanks to their reinforced cord construction. For special projects, the stiffness of the cords can be individually adjusted in all directions, to compensate for radial, axial or angular misalignment. 

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