Posted at Saturday, 21 April, 2018

When Water Can Kill...

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By Chris Dixon
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From causing fatalities to killing a brand's reputation, the cryptosporidium parasite - found in water - is a very real danger in any food or beverage production process. Fortunately, there is a simple, reliable and cost-effective filtration solution. 


Used as part of a product's make-up, for rinsing food - such as salads - and simply for washing-down equipment, water is an intrinsic part of food and beverage production. So ensuring it's uncontaminated by the deadly cryptosporidium parasite is essential.

But how can you stop it entering your plant, mixing with your product, and ultimately reaching your end consumer - with potentially fatal results?

Removing the Risks

Using the right filter for your water supply can minimise the risk of cryptosporidium parasite and its associated risks.

Amazon Filters offer a choice of two filter cartridges - the SupaSpun II depth filter and SupaPleat II pleated filter - which have been proven in use with numerous food and beverage producers.

By installing these products to filter incoming mains water, you can demonstrate "due diligence" in preventing contamination. And you can ensure complet peace of mind for your customers and yourself.

Absolute Protection

Manufactured to cryptosporidium grade (CRY), with (Absolute) removal ratings ranging from 0.3 to 180μm (Beta Ratio 5000), Amazon Filters provide consistent and reliable cryptosporidium removal performance, with a typical 104  log reduction value.

Manufactured from 100% polypropylene to meet FDA requirements - the filters are manufactured using a thermal bonding process. This eliminates adhesives, minimises media migration and creates minimal extractables which could contaminate products. 

For more challenging applications, the XP extended life version is also available.

Specialist Support

Contamination by cryptosporidium is a constant danger where water is present. So it's vital that you choose the correct filter for your application. And once it's installed, it's also vital that you keep it maintained and operating at its optimum. 

ERIKS together with Amazon can help you with such issues, using the skills and expertise to help you reduce the risk of water contamination -  from Cryptosporidium and other causes.

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