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The Long and Short of Lubrication

Paul Skade
By James Goodgame
Lubrication Product Manager, ERIKS UK & Ireland

I came to ERIKS UK towards the end of 2014 following a few years working in the business media and advertising industry. I started in the branch support team, lea...

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Automatic lubrication is a time-saving, money-saving solution, widely used in many industries wherever lubrication is needed. But in some applications, even automatic lubrication isn’t as simple as it could be.


In industries with hazardous areas, or where process chains simply can’t be interrupted – even for lubrication – then long lubrication lines are necessary to reach outside the hazardous areas. One side-effect of this is high counterpressures, which the automatic lubricator has to overcome. Certain applications, such as roller bearings, also produce very high counterpressures, and again a lubricator is required which can overcome them.

The same problems can arise if the lubricator has to be controlled or monitored externally. This will almost certainly involve long lubrication lines, generating unavoidably high counterpressure, and a lubricator that generates even higher pressure will be needed.

The solution, specially developed by simalube®, is the simalube® IMPULSE – an innovative accessory for simalube® automatic lubricators of sizes:

  • 60ml
  • 125ml
  • 250ml

Distance no object 

The longer the lubrication line, the higher the counterpressure. But this is no problem for the simalube® IMPULSE.

This pressure booster will ensure sufficient pressure – of up to 10 bar – even over lubrication lines of up to four metres long. That’s plenty long enough to distance the lubricator from any high-temperature zone or other hazardous area.

However, if the requirement is simply to overcome high counterpressure, the simalube® IMPULSE is also suitable for fitting right by the lubrication point,

Compact but powerful 

The compact design and low weight of the simalube® IMPULSE mean that it will fit most lubrication points in any position, and only needs additional securing when it can’t be screwed directly onto the point.

Once installed, the simalube® IMPULSE can stay permanently fixed, even when the lubricator is being changed. As the connection point stays sealed during the lubricator change, a back-flow of lubricant isn’t possible. Also, because the pressure increase only occurs within the simalube® IMPULSE, no more than the amount of lubricant required for dispensing is under high pressure. This minimises the amount that can bleed out.

Attached to any standard 60, 125 or 250ml simalube® lubricator, the simalube® IMPULSE:

  • Releases 0.5ml of lubricant as and when required
  • Provides a pressure of up to 10 bar
  • Can be used to dispense oils and greases up to NLGI 2.

Suitable for repeated use – helping to cut your costs – this pressure-boosting device is guaranteed for three years, or ten dispensing cycles of simalube® 125ml.

Simple but effective 

The simalube® IMPULSE uses an electromechanical drive, powered by a battery pack. Once the battery pack is inserted, the device starts to work – with no other set-up or adjustments required. Dispensing intervals are defined by the connected simalube lubricator, and can easily be adjusted or changed. If they are, the simalube® IMPULSE automatically adjusts to synchronise.

A flashing LED function display on the pressure booster provides a continual indication of the state of its operation, showing whether the lubricator is:

  • Functioning normally
  • Empty, or
  • Malfunctioning

A complete, cost-effective solution 

Because the simalube® IMPULSE is modular, it can be bought together with a suitably sized simalube automatic lubricator, or bought separately and retrofitted.

In either case, its reusability means it saves you money, and its modularity means there’s only one additional item to find storage space for.

To find out more about the simalube® IMPULSE pressure booster, or simalube automatic lubricators, download the brochure or contact your local ERIKS Service Centre.


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