Posted at 19-Feb-2019

The Truth About Quality: Counterfeit Bearings and the Consequences

Paul Skade
By Gareth Pollard
Product Manager, Bearings

I started work at ERIKS UK in March 2001 after being on a temporary contract at Ball Packaging Europe. 

My life at ERIKS began as a Junior Inside Sale...

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Unfortunately we live in a generation of counterfeit products, and the rise of illegitimate bearings in the marketplace is truly concerning. So how you do know you won’t be the next victim?


They may look the real deal, and are definitely a lot cheaper, but the only guarantee with a counterfeit product is that its life cycle is shorter – outweighing costs in the long run.

Here, we discuss the real perils from using counterfeit bearings:


You may ask, ‘why should I spend more money when I can buy a cheaper bearing which looks exactly the same?’ Well, the answer is simple – Don’t risk it!

They tend to be good copies, but counterfeit bearings degrade easily and fail quickly, leading to unnecessary downtime. And in severe cases, shutdowns can occur, accidents and even loss of human life.


The failing of a counterfeit part can potentially damage other parts of the machine, leading to additional costs – imagine needing to replace or repair the entire unit. This happens due to the cheaper, poorer quality of material choice, as well as the lack of important features, all having impact on levels of performance and lifecycle.


Bearings from authorised manufacturers have been developed over years and tested under the most stringent conditions, ensuring they stand the test of time, but you can also be assured of the warranty and traceability of each component.

Impact on productivity

Counterfeit bearings can also have an impact on productivity, leading to significant cost implications. When a machine is damaged, production slows down and in many cases comes to a standstill – a plants worst nightmare.

With all these points being made, it shows that quality is imperative. Buying your bearings from an authorised supplier provides you not only a high quality component, but the safety and security of knowing that you will receive the expert technical support you need.

ERIKS understands the risks associated with counterfeit bearings. Call us on 0121 508 6000 to discuss the packages we can offer.

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