Posted at 04-Aug-2020

Who says it's unreachable? Not WD-40 Flexible

Paul Skade
By James Goodgame
Lubrication Product Manager, ERIKS UK & Ireland

I came to ERIKS UK towards the end of 2014 following a few years working in the business media and advertising industry. I started in the branch support team, lea...

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Hitting those hard-to-reach places is a bug that we’ve all had to bear across all industries and it goes without saying that it can be extremely frustrating, sometimes unbearable. But jumping to the rescue and catering for the varied and changing demands of industry is WD-40.


For years, WD-40 has been an invaluable companion for most tradesmen – engineers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers – and even around the home. It’s the can with a thousand uses.

Over time it’s become even more versatile with the inclusion of the Smart Straw for added precision. But now, it’s taken a further significant stride forward. Introducing WD-40 Flexible.

A Game Changer

Whilst Smart Straw enables users to target areas that they need to quite easily, the new Flexible Straw has increased accuracy, further evolved with a more convenient delivery system.


The hard-wearing metal straw is highly bendable and can be shaped to hit any angle, corner or hidden target. Not only that, but it holds the shape it’s moulded too, to allow single-handed use. This provides even more precision and convenience in incredibly tight, intricate areas such as around pipework and behind panelling.

At 400ml, the new can is also taller and thinner than ever before, to accommodate the longer straw. In fact, at 185mm, it’s a third longer than that of the Smart Straw. The new design has retained its ‘Spray 2 Ways’ technology, giving users the option of a flip down straw applicator for accuracy, or apply a wider spray for maximum coverage. The 360° valve also allows the product to be applied, even when the cannister is upside down.

Multi-use by name and nature

In real-life scenarios, radiator nuts are now easier to loosen for plumbers, unlocking friction rings or lubricating valves near an engine is easier for mechanics. The possibilities are endless with benefits to match. But beyond the changing aesthetics and new features, the formula has remained the same. True to its origins.


More flexibility and convenience have been added to your toolbox, but you still know what you’re getting. It’s still great for displacing moisture and preventing rust. It’s still great for removing oil and grease with ease. And it’s still great for penetrating seized parts and lubricating equipment. It’s just now more precise and convenient.

As industry continues to develop in all areas, WD-40 leads the way in pioneering the famous ‘multi-use product.’ Continuing a mission to supply ingenious solutions for all your maintenance problems, we’re positive that WD-40 Flexible will aid both professional and non-professional users more efficiently and reliably than ever before. 

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