Posted at Tuesday, 03 November, 2020

Back to work – and back in business with the right maintenance products

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By James Goodgame
Lubrication Product Manager, ERIKS UK & Ireland

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As industry gets back to work, Covid-19 protective measures aren’t making life any easier for manufacturers and producers. But with the right choice of maintenance products, the ‘new normal’ can be much more like the old one.


Responsible employers have made careful plans for productive operations while keeping their workforce safe. These may include anything from mandatory mask-wearing to one-way routes around the factory floor, to fewer workers per shift. However, even at the best of times, plans can quickly be thrown into turmoil by an emergency such as equipment breakdown or unplanned maintenance.

So as well as protecting against the virus, it’s important to protect against the kind of threats to productivity that have been around for much longer.

Trouble-free performance

The more effectively lubricated you can keep your bearings and critical components, the more efficiently they’ll operate, the less likely they are to fail, and the longer they’ll last between failures. So the right choice of lubricants is crucial.


And with post-pandemic operating procedures making maintenance, servicing and repairs more complicated, that’s more true than ever.

If you can extend lubrication intervals without compromising the protection and performance of components such as bearings and chain, you can reduce the level of risk to which employees are exposed.

Less lubrication means less walking production lines, and less opportunity for breaking social distancing guidelines. Longer-lasting, more effective lubricants can also mean longer intervals between routine maintenance operations. And higher-quality lubricants providing trusted performance offer greater protection against breakdowns and unplanned maintenance.

Unscheduled downtime always eats away at productivity. But when you have to remove operators from the area, or sanitise assets, before emergency repairs can even begin, then reducing health and safety risks will be at the cost of even greater lost production.  

Using lubrication such as ROCOL® chain lubricants and ROCOL® bearing grease can help to ensure reliable asset performance, reduced downtime, and uninterrupted production.

PPE (Performance Protecting Equipment)  

The longer a lubricant lasts, the less time spent on relubrication. So using a ROCOL chain lubricant – which typically lasts much longer than conventional chain lubricants – immediately reduces the need for engineers to walk the line and risk contact with other employees.


The better a lubricant performs, the longer the chain will last, the fewer unplanned repairs will be required, and the fewer unexpected breakdowns will occur. As well as reducing breakdowns and repairs, the superior performance of ROCOL chain lubricants helps to ensure longer intervals between lubrication top-ups. They’re highly resistant to oxidation, highly water-resistant, and have good adhesion to reduce dripping and fling-off.

ROCOL bearing greases also provide performance you can trust.

A PFPE-based grease such as ROCOL SAPPHIRE® Endure is highly resistant to the aggressive factors that cause other types of lubricants to fail. A key benefit is that SAPPHIRE® Endure is inert – meaning it won’t behave aggressively itself in a delicate environment.


PFPEs are also highly effective at staying in place during wash-downs. Which means lower lubricant consumption, less potential environmental contamination and – the key point in the post-pandemic production facility – less relubrication.

To find out more about how ROCOL lubricants can help keep your employees safe, and keep your assets running at pre-pandemic productivity levels, contact one of our Bearings & Lubrication specialists on 0121 508 6000, who will be more than happy to offer their expert guidance.

Start-up as you mean to go on

After a shutdown, starting-up assets is a high-risk operation and when the majority of gearbox wear occurs. The longer the shutdown, the greater the risk of serious wear or even damage.

The answer is a ROCOL lubricant with the unique Start Up Protection System – known as SUPS.

ROCOL Lubricants with SUPS are reinforced with a range of additives which ensure the oil adheres and lubricates immediately: climbing the gears and resisting fling-off, whereas other lubricants would need to warm up and be splashed around the gearbox before they can protect the gears.  

Manufactured from only FDA-listed ingredients, ROCOL FOODLUBE® Hi-Torque is a SUPS lubricant that’s certified to NSF H1 food grade, and is ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments.

ROCOL MTLM Assembly & Running-In Paste is another product used in the start-up of machinery. Its high molybdenum disulphide content eases assembly, increases the mechanical advantage from start-up and provides protection against seizure during the critical start-up and running-in periods, before the service lubricant has circulated.

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