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SKF's 5 Step Process to Achieve Performance and Productivity Goals

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By James Goodgame
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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is industry’s prime metric for identifying and rectifying machinery-related problems in the manufacturing process. It’s also a benchmark for progress made against other manufacturers’ performance. But for companies lacking the necessary in-house skills, and striving to achieve more productivity for less cost, achieving the reliability and long service life that drive OEE can be challenging. A new industry-leading asset care strategy from SKF could be the answer.


Applying OEE strategies helps with meeting business objectives and sharpening your competitive edge. With a huge variety of rotating equipment found on every shop floor, getting the right performance is essential, but hard to achieve. And the “right performance” for one manufacturer may not necessarily be the same for another. 

Getting equipment a good REP

Based on their huge experience of industrial rotating machinery, SKF is addressing the machinery aspect of OEE with a new asset care strategy. Known as Rotating Equipment Performance (REP), the strategy brings together a range of SKF products, technologies and services under flexible new business models, to meet most budgets and work practices.


The result is a five-step process, to help manufacturers achieve their performance and productivity goals.

Experienced in almost every sector and machine type, SKF is able to work closely with clients on single or multiple machines, throughout their complete lifecycle. They can also provide high quality products and related services, to help those clients meet their productivity objectives. The REP offering even extends to an assessment of core machine design, and advice on improvements to boost performance or output.


The five steps of REP provide what is essentially a cycle of continual improvement, taking clients on a journey from initial assessment of machine performance, through to monitoring, maintenance and problem-solving.

Here's a look at each of the steps in more detail:

1. Assess

Compare performance with others in the sector, identify key areas for immediate improvement and savings, and set longer-term goals and strategies. 

SKF consultants undertake these assessments using the company’s own asset and lubrication management benchmarking tools. These allow for review and analysis of operationally critical aspects, and comparison with reference values and industry sector best practices.

2. Detect

Detecting machine problems using appropriate condition monitoring technologies and services can prevent costly unplanned downtime and loss of production.

It encourages and promotes efficient planning for machinery maintenance activities. And it streamlines the process of spare parts ordering: avoiding lead-time problems and assuring maximum availability. 


SKF monitoring solution use the latest digitalisation and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions - based on the criticality of machnery - to enable clienets to gain insights into the performance of machinery wherever it's located. 

3. Maintain

As well as providing a wide range of maintenance products, SKF offers support for alignment, balancing, bearing installation and other rotating equipment requirements. If poorly executed, any one of these can have a profound impact on service life expectations. So, if a company’s in-house engineering project skills are limited or non-existent, SKF can supplement them on-site to resolve rotating equipment problems.

4. Solve

Fixing a problem is not an end in itself. Further investigation should always be undertaken to ensure no re-occurrence. SKF has the knowledge, expertise and experience to help clients improve their rotating equipment performance, by identifying and eliminating problems using Root Cause Failure Analysis support services. 


These identify any underlying problems – from inadequate installation procedures to poor lubrication practices – and provide suggestions for remedial actions to prolong equipment life and enhance reliability.


Remanufacturing cuts the lifecycle cost of industrial equipment, while reducing negative environmental impacts arising from overuse of natural resources and energy. SKF offers professional capabilities for remanufacturing, refurbishing, reconditioning, reworking and upgrading key industrial components. 

Want more information?

Downlaod SKF's Rotating Equioment Performance Brochure

Whether you want to solve a specific rotating equipment problem, enhance plant and equipment performance, or improve your overall maintenance strategy and efficiency, SKF is the ideal partner. 

With proven application insights, a huge portfolio of products, connected technologies and tailored solutions, SKF can help you achieve the performance you’re looking for from your rotating equipment: ensuring optimum OEE, without pushing your budget OTT. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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