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Sealing the Deal

by Jon Whitehouse

If you want to achieve optimum productivity, then efficiency and reliability are part of the deal. For air, water and gas pipes and hoses, that means no leaky joints. Which means you need an efficient and reliable method of sealing them.

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Automated Accuracy from SEEPEX

by Andy Cruse

SEEPEX have launched a new Smart Dosing Pump (SDP), enabling customers to input one parameter –the flow rate required – and then the integrated PLC makes adjustments automatically when necessary using information from a flow meter on the pump outlet.

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Can KPI's Be Fatal in Waste and Recycling?

by Richard Ludlam

5 people were killed in the waste and recycling industry in 2016, and 37 from 2010-15. Add in the 6,000+ workplace injuries in the industry over the same period, and it starts to look like a very dangerous place to work. But could it be your focus on the wrong KPIs that’s a potentially fatal error?

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Shortening the Chain

by Gareth Lenton

There’s never been a shorter supply chain for your adapted chain, than from ERIKS – recognised in a recent survey as one of the largest chain suppliers in the UK.

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Introducing Limitless Bonding from Loctite

by Jon Whitehouse

With so many potential applications for adhesives, and in so many different environments, finding the right one for the right job can be a job in itself – and using the wrong one can have all kinds of unwanted results.

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Money Down the Tube?

by Mark Carpenter

You’re probably confident you’re doing all you can to cut back your energy use. But if you have manifold-mounted, plug-in pneumatic valves, you could be using energy you don’t need, and wasting money you can’t afford to waste.

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Are You Playing the Chemicals Lottery?

by Paul Skade

If you provide protective gloves to everyone on your site who works with chemicals, you’re doing what’s right, right? You’re meeting your duty of care, and you’re complying with H&SE directives. But do you ever wonder if those directives really go far enough?

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Hybrid Filters Help Improve Digital Ink Production

by Chris Dixon

Amazon Filters has introduced the SupaPleat Plus Ink filter range to help digital ink manufacturers solve issues relating to inconsistent jetting.

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Introducing a Powerful Synchronous Drum Motor

by Gareth Lenton

Interroll have launched the world's most powerful synchronous drum motor for belt conveyor systems, with a proven output of up to 1.1 kilowatts. The drive, which is available immediately, stands out thanks to its particularly high torque and extremely high belt tension. This makes it especially suitable for a high throughput of material to be conveyed.

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Full Steam Ahead with SSOP

by Chris Dixon

If you think of your plant as a human body, then steam is the blood. So the last thing you want is for it to be leaking away, or be watered-down by condensate that leads to water hammer: the steam system equivalent of high blood pressure.

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