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Tatiana Robert | Application Engineer ERIKS CH

Meet Tatiana Robert, Applictation Engineer in the Crissier office at ERIKS Switzerland

Who is Tatiana Robert? (personal and working background, relevant interests, hobbies etc)  

I was born in Moscow, Russia, where I obtained my Engineering Degree and had my early working experience. Having a good knowledge of French, I relocated to France where I started my family and continued my career, finally settling in Switzerland.  

It was in Switzerland that I developed my true passion for materials and understood how I could offer real value to prospective Employers. My knowledge of physics and technology were very useful in the research projects of a Swiss start-up, engaged in the engineering of materials, manufactured and analyzed nano-metric powders.

I have 2 children aged 9 and 14, and I love to support and witness their development into happy, independent and confident young people. I play sports: yoga, snowboarding, hiking, mountain bike, sport shooting. I love nature, travel and discovery. I like to read and I like cinema. I like to receive friends and cook my favorite Russian, French, Swiss or even Thai dishes for them.


What is your current role at ERIKS?  

I have worked for ERIKS / Maagtechnic in the office in Crissier for almost 5 years. I am an Application Engineer in Elastomers and I am responsible for Business Development for Food, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industry customers.

What do you like most about it?  

I like to meet new people, especially Engineering Professionals, learn about their businesses, understand their challenges and most of all offer a technical solution from the range of possibilities within ERIKS. 

I am fascinated in seeing how the projects are delivered and also in understanding the complexities of interactions between people and companies. I have an insatiable thirst for new technologies, for example Additive Manufacturing and I'm very excited when offering these new solutions and services.


Is it important to have more women in engineering? Why?  

Everyone, man and woman, should have the right to choose their profession freely, without expectation from others. 

Women who are passionate about science and technology are absolutely as capable as men in developing their careers in this field and in giving valuable contributions to the world of industry. 

Historically, engineering has been a strongly male orientated environment, where women must prove themselves above and beyond normally accepted standards to succeed. Switzerland is a strongly traditional country and women still find it difficult to break down these barriers. 

However it should not matter if you are a woman or a man; it should be a question of passion and being able to communicate that through what you say and through the sparkle in your eye, regardless of gender, age or nationality.

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